Pool Party – Blue Orange Games – Review


Pool Party - Blue Orange Games - Review 1

Publisher: Blue Orange Games

Game Type: (Worker Placement, Dice Drafting, Etc.)

Designer: Brad Ross

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Designer: Ivy Strauss

Designer: Gary Strauss

Artist: Michael Unwin

Theme and What is it?

It’s summer, and there is nothing quite like a pool party. It’s hot and I want to cool down. This game will not cool you down, but it will make you feel like you are jumping dangerously into a raised plastic swimming pool.

Gameplay Mechanics

The top is a topsy turvy swimming pool. The “diver” is a hard plastic “triangle” made to jump when you push it down. The first person to three wins. Simple, and effective.

Initial Impressions

The game for being a simple family party game is made quite well. I believe it is Blue Orange games title to hit mass market this year. It is made with the quality of heavier games, and the thoughtful fun of simple games of yesteryear.

Game Build Quality

The build is solid, and there are absolutely no complaints I can think of regarding build.

Artistic Direction

The art is supposed to evoke fun and the splash of jumping into a pool. I think the game looks exactly as it should.

Fun Factor

My daughter loves this. She is 6. I also don’t mind playing. Having a bunch of hoppers is pretty cool all at once.

Age Range & Weight

I would think anyone who had the dexterity to hold down the diver could play. This game is not complicated in the least.


Some games just are made to do exactly what they say. People sometimes like to deride family games, but let’s be honest, without family games keeping the hobby alive for years, the current board game market would probably not exist. For this reason alone, I believe this game is a nod to all the games I played as a kid, like SORRY, and TROUBLE. I realize that since the game is not heavy, neither is the critical analysis, but again, that is ok.

This game is made for the fun of flipping divers into a raised plastic pool. If you can get on board with that, you either have kids, or are just a kid at heart, and that is who we should all aspire to be.


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