Pre – Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019


There’s a lot of great reasons to be excited about Origins Game Faire this year. Here are 10-12 of them.

With the Origins Game Faire just a couple of weeks away I wanted to write down some of the games I’m excited to learn about. Before we get started, I want to say that these are games I think will be there. As near as I can see from blogs, news articles, and such these games are going to be at Origins. This could change for dozens of reasons. Including shipping delays, limited stock, or I could just be wrong.

I hope I’m not and can’t wait to see what we’ll have. What I hadn’t heard about ahead of time and how well these things will turn out in the end.

That said, here’s a couple of honorable mentions I wanted to shine a light on, for my own excitement. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 1

Super Fantasy Brawl

An arena combat game from Mythic. The character models look amazing. They give me a real World of Warcraft feel that I think is going to be amazing. I used to love the WoW minis game and the limited descriptions of this give a thematic feel if not a mechanical one.

The game features card drive arena combat with teams of three. Stylized models with unique stats and abilities are drafted from a pool and for the core of your group. It also appears to have a leveling or campaign system that sounds intriguing.

I have it here listed, as it won’t be available for sale. It’s going to Kickstarter later this year and I believe it will be at Origins in Demo form. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 2

Dwellings of Eldervale

Published by Breaking Games, Dwellings of Eldervale looks to be a worker placement, resource drafting game. The art is beautiful and the images I’ve seen have been stunning.

It looks to be a worker placement game with an original fantasy setting. A mix of action cards and board spaces give each player a wide array of decisions. An added group objective of dealing with large rampaging monsters brings a new twist to the mix.

Like Super Fantasy Brawl this won’t be there as it’s also going to Kickstarter later this year. That said, it looks to be a good thinking game with some great strategic moments. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 3

10: Wacky Races

Wacky Races from CMON; kicking me straight in the nostalgia. I grew up watching Wacky Races, Laugh Olympics, and other similar Hanna Barbara cartoons every Saturday. I’m excited to get my hands on this and give it a go.

I’ve seen a couple of videos and the game looks very kid friendly which is great news for me. It feels like I’ll have fun playing this with my niece. That’s more than enough for me to get excited about it. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 4

9: Mystery House: Adventures in a Box

Part escape room and part puzzle box, the new game from Cranio Creations looks amazingly unique. A three dimensional representation of a maze with cards slotted in to give you the walls and puzzles you need to solve to find your way through. I’m excited to see how the game works.

The couple of videos I’ve seen were of an early and very rough build of the game. I’m hoping that the final version will match the promise of the game. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 5

8: Welkin

I don’t know a lot about Welkin from Ankama but I’m looking forward to seeing how it works. The art is beautiful. The box cover as what drew me to this game.

It looks like an engine builder where your tableau will help you build a better city in the clouds. There also seems to be some card drafting and I’ve always enjoyed those style of games. I’m sort of hoping for a more fantastic 7 Wonders style of game. I may be wrong but that’s where my head is right now. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 6

7: Roll for Adventure

Kosmos’ new Roll for Adventure is a cooperative dice chucker. The players will be working to maintain several areas, fight villains, and overcome challenges. The entire time you play more things keep being piled up against you.

I love Ghost Stories and this looks to be that level of challenge and cooperation. I really enjoy games with good levels of challenge. This looks like it will force hard decisions and give us some fun bits to take part in. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 7

6: Skull Tales: Full Sail

Skull Tales from Van Ryder Games looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. A mix of exploration, combat, and role-play. The Game also promises a decent story. I’m looking forward to seeing how the game fills out.

I’ve watched a couple of gameplay videos and feel like that part is pretty solid. I’ve read that there is a robust between adventures system that lets you advance and customize your pirates. I’m excited to see how these will all wrap together. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 8

5: Brook City

Brook City from Blacklist games looks built for my youth. Based around the fast action police and detective shows of the 1980’s the game looks like tons of fun.

It features the same deck system introduced in Street Masters. The ability to mix and match threat decks to create a larger more varied experience will give the game tons of replay. The challenge introduce between dealing with everyday crime while paying attention to the villain and his crew should add an excellent level of challenge. Plus they have a lot of 80’s detective’s surrogates that tickle the hell out of me. Their Axel Foley looks amazing. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 9

4: The Crusoe Crew

The cooperative Crusoe Crew from Pegasus Spiel and Blue Orange games looks fantastic. A set of four Choose Your Own Adventure style graphic novels. Every book follows the same story so players will stay together in their quest for treasure. Each book has differences to highlight the skills and talents of a different character.

Last year I got to play Charterstone with my family. We had a lot of fun and this feels like a game that they would enjoy putting through its paces. You’ll only ever get to experience so much of the story on a single run through so replay is encouraged. Plus some of the choices are hidden in the art which means you won’t necessarily find everything on a single pass either. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 10

3: Monster Slaughter

Monster Slaughter from Ankama games is going to fill a nice space for me. I’ve always felt a good slasher horror game could be a lot of fun but nothing that’s been released has ever really tickled my interest. Based on a review by our own Jordan Macnab and a couple of gameplay videos this looks like it’ll be lots of fun.

You’ll be playing as a family of monsters working against other families bent on slaughtering all of the evil teens trespassing in a cabin in the woods. You score points for killing the villainous teens, destroying doors, and correctly guessing the order in which teens will die. A mix of fun abilities, cards, and dice make this look like tons of fun. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 11

2: Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth

Fantasy Flights new Lord of the Rings outing has built a lot of expectations for me. I have a new love of narrative board games. The stories I’ve been coming across these last couple of years has really struck a chord with me. These games have had me pulling in new directions to see how the story ends and what’s to come.

LotR is app assisted and built on the success of Mansions of Madness. Using the app to control the story the game goes back and forth between a large exploration map and a closer battle map. Some of the things I’ve read have praised the open story with multiple branches and an ability to achieve one of several endings. This excites me and I’m looking forward to how this will play out. Pre - Origins Top 10 Anticipated Games 2019 12

1: Unmatched: Battle of Legends

I’m always interested to see what Restoration Games is up to. When I saw the announcement for Unmatched my imagination immediately went into overdrive. The number and identity of the various characters that have already been announced was thrilling. The base game will feature King Arthus, Sinbad, Medusa, and Alice. Other sets featuring Robin Hood vs Sasquatch, Bruce Lee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the characters from Cobble and Fog quickly excited me to the further possibilities.

The rules feature card play and tactical movement. It uses a similar range and line of sight rules found in Tanhauser, a wonderful system. This could be a fun quick game with lots of replay as you put different group up against one another. The inclusion on new maps to fight on could also drive the replay on this game way up.

And did I mention BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!!!!


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