Quinque -Mind Fitness Games – Review


“It is quick to learn and quick to play. These two things are great with the audience that Quinque is geared for.”

Publisher: Mind Fitness Games

Designer: József Dorsonczky

Artist: Lázár Aurél

Game Type: Abstract Strategy, Modular Board, Pattern Building

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Age Range: 7+

Expected Playtime: 10-20 minutes

Number of Players: 2

Quinque -Mind Fitness Games - Review 1

Theme and What is it?

Quinque is a skydiving competition where two teams compete to be the first to form a five-man formation. As a player, you will create formations from the first jumpers and try to complete a line.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics are straightforward. There are only two actions available:

  1. Place a skydiver of your color on an empty spot or place a new tile and add a skydiver of your color to an empty spot.
  2. Move a tile

At the start of your turn, you must do at least one action from above. The second action is optional and can only be the second action of moving a tile.

The first player to line up five of the skydivers in their color wins.

Quinque -Mind Fitness Games - Review 2

Initial Impressions

The box graphics are cartoonish. It looked appealing to the eye.

Game Build Quality

The component quality is not bad. The tiles are large and robust cardboard. The skydivers are sturdy plastic.

Artistic Direction

Most of the art is on the box. As I mentioned above, the art is on the cartoonish side which is nice as this game is driven for a younger audience. It accomplishes that. The art on the tiles is just the backside of skydivers and they are all the same. There is no uniqueness to them.

Quinque -Mind Fitness Games - Review 3

Fun Factor

From a personal level, I did not enjoy it but that is only because of two things: My age and that I am not good at these types of games. From a younger perspective, they would enjoy.

Quinque -Mind Fitness Games - Review 4

Age Range & Weight

Quinque is easy to learn. It will mostly be the strategy to grasp. The age suggestion is appropriate.


It is quick to learn and quick to play. These two things are great with the audience that Quinque is geared for. It, obviously, has similarity to an old school game that most would be familiar with. It has differences like moving the tiles, etc. that give it slightly more depth. Overall, this is a good game for children.

Quinque -Mind Fitness Games - Review 5


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