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Quiver Purple
Quiver - Accessory - Review 1
Quiver Time

How many small games do you have?

I used to feel the need to carry boxes around everywhere I went gaming. Then I found Quiver.

What am I?

I am a Quiver.

I am made in the land of unicorns, to carry your games. I do not carry all games. I just carry the small games that never quite fit your big game bags well. You know the ones…

Card games, Mint Tin Games, anything by Jordan Draper. Dice. Cell Phone Charger.

I am Quiver.

Do you want me?

This is obviously user dependent. I have heard from multiple people they NEED their boxes with them.

For me, I used to have that issue. I realized however, that the Quiver can take MORE games than I could take with boxes, when I travel, for example. More games is better than less.

For me, this means that the want of the Quiver, is highly dependent on how many games you want to carry with you.

Do you need me?

Here’s the thing…

My gamer friends are notoriously anxious about having a good sorting solution to their games. However, every time they leave the house, they grab different games. When they get home, the games go on different shelves, thus, ruining their method of sorting.

Do you enjoy things being in their place? If you do, I would argue, you 100% need a quiver for smaller form factor games.


The people at Quiver were nice enough to let us take a look at their Quiver accessories.

They are VERY well made, they have been designed with the GAMER in mind, and ultimately, they make being an organized gamer more fun.

The Quiver Singles are similar to other boxes on the market, but it is nice to maintain brand continuity inside of my Quiver. If you haven’t bought a Quiver yet, you may want to consider one, especially if you enjoy some of the smaller form factor games. This just makes carrying them to your gaming groups, SO MUCH EASIER.


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