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You can choose to attempt to be excellent to each other, but the game is not really setup that way. You sir, like Stifler, are ready to rock out…

Josh Hale (The Green Goof)



Publisher: Yanaguana Games

Designer: Marshall Britt

Designer: Andrew Toth

Artist: Marshall Britt

Artist: Jennifer Hrabota Lesser

Initial Year of Release: 2019

Age Range: 8+

Expected Playtime: 40-60 Mins

Number of Players: 1-5

Game Type: Semi-Uncooperative Area Control

Game Type: Semi-Cooperative Area Control

Re-Chord - Yanaguana Games - Review 1

Theme and What is it?





You are a guitarist, setting your chords, to have a truly excellent rock show. You can choose to attempt to be excellent to each other, but the game is not really setup that way. You sir, like Stifler, are ready to rock out…

Unlike the VAST majority of musical games I have played, where you are actually making music, a la ROCK BAND, here you are building the ROOT of the music, the chords. The developers assure me, that you can actually use these chords to rock on.

So the question becomes… ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?

Re-Chord - Yanaguana Games - Review 2
Re-Chord - Yanaguana Games - Review 3

Gameplay Mechanics





To play an electric guitar, most people would agree that picks would be helpful, you know the little plastic things that you see guitarists use between there fingers?

Here picks are drawn from a bag, and used for their color, or for a generic black. Based on the color, you can take additional actions, that are outlined on your player cards, and on the board. Ultimately, you are trying to play your cards, which each are a chord, and with enough correct chords, you can play the personal scoring music type.

You are being cooperative and uncooperative at the same time. Thus the game classification. You cannot really plan this ahead, but you can try to be mean. Sadly, often when you try to be mean, you are actually being nice. CURSE YOU Yanaguana!!!

I had metal, because, You can’t kill the metal. Sadly, nor could I score it.

Re-Chord - Yanaguana Games - Review 4

Initial Impressions





I knew I had seen this game quite a while ago, and then… POOF. It had disappeared. Sadly, I could not remember the name. So when I had a meeting with Marshall Britt for some unrelated things, and saw it again, I was stoked, and now, it was in its final form.

My dream is to play flamenco guitar a la Antonio Banderas. Here, this game, at least gives me a chance to play a game about playing a guitar. I was stoked.

Re-Chord - Yanaguana Games - Review 5

Game Build Quality





Yanaguana opted to make the main board from neoprene, mouse pad material. I like this choice with the picks. They would be SUPER hard to play with, if they were not easy to pick up with the neoprene.

The game is built very well, and the components are second to none. If you are the type of person that purchases games, for awesome quality, this may appeal to you.

Re-Chord - Yanaguana Games - Review 6

Artistic Direction





For how colorful the game is, and how much table presence it has, it was done with relatively little art.

This is not a bad thing, most of it was EXCELLENT graphic design decisions that have led to a beautiful game on the table.

While I love how it looks, the art nerd in me, wishes for a bit more. That is honestly just me being a picky snob, and not a reflection on how nice the game looks on your table. I will try to get my nose pointed in a more downward manner going forward.

Re-Chord - Yanaguana Games - Review 7

Fun Factor





I have read this game is partially considered to be a take that sort of style. I HIGHLY disagree.

Take that, to me, is all about knowing your actions will 100% mess your neighbor up. Here, you have no idea what your neighbor is doing. You therefore, cannot with intent screw them up. Therefore, though it has take that feely moments, I would not classify it as such.

For that reason, if you love take that, this will give you some of those feelings. If you hate take that, those feelings can largely be avoided, since you have no clue what your neighbor is trying to do.

Re-Chord - Yanaguana Games - Review 8

Age Range & Weight





8+. Yanaguana, seems to have appropriately defined the age by the ability of a player to play the game. Figuring out the chords, and end game music types, might be harder. However, I am a fan of teaching kids how to play, more than worrying about score.

So I think they hit the nail on the head with the age range.

Re-Chord - Yanaguana Games - Review 9






This game has eluded my ability to to find or play it for a while, but it goes live almost immediately after this article is published.

While this game would definitely make my shelf, I will be shooting it out to another content creator, so they can see it. This is not something I make a practice of, but I want this game to find a larger audience. It has some art to its soul, and as someone who has performed professionally, has a soft spot in my heart.

Now, if only Yanaguana can teach me guitar by osmosis… This, game would EASILY make my game shelf.

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