The Red Cathedral – A Rondel game with variable powers by Devir


The Red Cathedral - A Rondel game with variable powers by Devir 1
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The Josh
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Theme&What is it?

Rondel with variable powers, all in Russia!

So building cathedrals in Russia is a thing we should all experience. This game by Devir has a unique rondel that allows for a unique system of planning ahead that I have not seen before. The rondel leads to an engine builder that ultimately is an area control game of building a great Red Cathedral.
The idea is cute, but how does it function?

Big game, in a smallish box

Looking at having to master three different game mechanics in order to have a chance to win this game is fairly interesting. It was a little scary initially, but like most Devir games, the ruleset was pretty approachable.



Three in one game

As said above this game has three separate systems that lead to an engine build that ultimately decides the game. This leads to the initial dice of your color, and can even use your enemies dice to have a bigger turn. The secondary mechanic is an engine builder on your own player board, and a tertiary mechanic of area control.
Each mechanic is it’s own mini game, that leads into a growing area control.

Devir Quality every single time

Devir has made it a priority, to build very good quality games. I have not seen a game in their catalog that does not have a nice build. This is no exception.



Red Art Style

So the art and architecture in Russia is a very unique and distinctive. I personally really like it. This game followed that aesthetic directly. I think it met what needed to be done to make the game feel unique, and the art of the building felt like a cathedral. Good execution.

Easy engine, smart build, runaway factor

As long as you don’t mind a game that you can see yourself losing disastrously, as I saw myself various times, the actual game is quite fun. I don’t mind that as long as I am playing with leisure players. When playing someone hyper-competitive, this would not be enjoyable for me.




This age range might be a bit low, if a player wants to win. My daughter could understand the engine, she is nearly 9, but may have a difficulty trying to win.

Some games just feel good

I have actively liked many of the Devir releases. Silk- awesome. Color Monster- great. Barcelona- obviously cool. Red Cathedral is no exception. This game will stay in my collection. The only thing I will have a difficulty with is making space on my game shelf.



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