Rune Stones: Nocturnal Creatures Expansion – Queen Games – Review


Theme and What is it?


Until this point the creatures of the night have been elusive and beyond your control. But now you have harnessed the power of darkness and are able to take full advantage of these nocturnal dwellers. Unleash the banshee to wreak havoc on the realm. Show forth the power of the wisp as it provides new opportunity. 

Creatures of light were all well and good, but now you have full control of the elements around you. Show the world what you are capable of and how light and dark can be combined for ultimate power.

Rune Stones: Nocturnal Creatures is an expansion for the Rune Stones base game. 

What does it add?


Nocturnal Creatures adds two new elements into the game. The all new Wisp board, card and tokens. Wisp cards provide immediate benefits and can be collected when a player passes a Wisp token on the scoring track. Wisp tokens are randomly added to every fifth point on the victory point track during setup. There will only be 2-3 Wisp tokens that trigger a player selecting a Wisp card. The other tokens are black and will be passed over with no effects. Wisps can also be selected when playing a certain Banshee card (explained next). 

Banshee Cards are added to the creature deck and are played the same way as other creature cards. Banshee cards have new abilities. They allow you to steal from other players’ supplies, resurrect cards from the discard pile, switch cards from the displayed cards and select a Wisp. 

Rune Stones: Nocturnal Creatures Expansion - Queen Games - Review 1

What does it fix/ break?


What the Nocturnal Creatures expansion does is speed up the game. I have had a couple of people who I have played Rune Stones with that mentioned that it started to feel long and a bit repetitive. This expansion addresses that and keeps the game moving. The Wisps gives some powerful outcomes that allow players to supercharge a strategy. 

The Banshee cards allow players to have some fun “take that” moments but they also allow players to collect more powerful cards. Since powerful cards are often lost because of the way you discard one of the two cards you play each turn, Banshee cards allow you to have extra of those cards without using moves that you normally would to collect them.

Again, all of this speeds up the game and makes players feel like they really do have more powerful magic options. 

Rune Stones: Nocturnal Creatures Expansion - Queen Games - Review 2

Do I want this?


This expansion is much more of a need than a want. That is very rare for me. I didn’t need an expansion for Rune Stones. I liked the base game just how it was. I didn’t see the need for anything new. But once I played it with the expansion, I saw what it did for the game and it became a need. 

Rune Stones: Nocturnal Creatures Expansion - Queen Games - Review 3

Do I need this?


I feel that Nocturnal Creatures adds enough to the base game to be considered a need. There is plenty of room in the base box to fit the expansion components. They give the base game a boost and makes it play quicker and have a much nicer pace. The added abilities are a great compliment and enhancement to an already solid game.

Rune Stones: Nocturnal Creatures Expansion - Queen Games - Review 4



If you have a copy of Rune Stones you should have the Nocturnal Creatures expansion. It speeds up the game flow and it makes players feel like they have more control. It allows for changes to strategy because of the boosts players will get with the Wisp bonuses. 

I also really like what the Banshee cards do. They allow for card rotation that gets more powerful cards into players hands. They also can have some fun “take that ” moments and I always enjoy that. 

Don’t miss out on a way to make a great game even better by adding Nocturnal Creatures to your copy of Rune Stones.

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