Sailing Toward Osiris by Daily Magic Games Review


Sailing Toward Osiris by Daily Magic Games Review 1

Publisher: Daily Magic Games

Game Type: Worker Placement, Economic,

Designer: W. David MacKenzie

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Denis Martynets

Theme and What is it?

Sailing Toward Osiris by Daily Magic Games Review 2Pharaoh is dead. Long live Pharaoh.

From Origins 2018, came a game, an opus, seven years in the making, having first been shown at Origins seven years ago. This game is the culmination of seven years of work.

To win in Osiris, you must build the best monuments to show that you respect Pharaoh most. If you win, Pharaoh, who left no heirs, you will become the next in line to be  Pharaoh.

This game made our Origins Top Ten, and frankly was my personal favorite from Origins this year.

Gameplay Mechanics

Sailing Toward Osiris by Daily Magic Games Review 3Each round, you have a total of eleven choices of actions, or 12 if you have the mini-expansion. Each of these actions will slowly be narrowed during the round, where you will no longer be able to take any actions.

Initially the game felt cumbersome. Too much at work, as it were. This is an initial feeling, for me personally. In time, it became (the actions) a very natural extension of the board. During the round, you can also play a special card, of which only one player per round may choose. This means that there is a bit of asynchronous action, that allows all players to use that sort of action, at some point in the game. Your particular governor also, always gets a special bonus of some sort. Some of these can be very powerful depending on how you play.

Eventually the “well” of actions, will dry up, and you will have a new round. There are a total of four rounds, and then you either win or lose. 

Initial Impressions

Sailing Toward Osiris by Daily Magic Games Review 4

The colors and pieces of the game scream bright colorful and cheerful. The box begs to be played. I was a fan of the game before opening the box. While that may destroy objectivity some, I have wanted to like many other games initially, that I did not end up liking.

Game Build Quality

Sailing Toward Osiris by Daily Magic Games Review 5Almost all the parts of the game are wood, some painted, and all very fine quality. The box is heavy, and feels substantial. 

This is how games should be made. Thankfully Daily Magic sees this game deserves this attention to detail.

Artistic Direction

Sailing Toward Osiris by Daily Magic Games Review 6

The entire game is built around the Egyptian theme. The monuments are era appropriate, the coloring of the board feels like a desert, and the coloring of the pieces feels like the prideful coloring I feel like I would have seen the governors or temple priests of the era wearing. Whether that is historically accurate is entirely unimportant artistically.

I like the art, and like the table presence.

Fun Factor

Sailing Toward Osiris by Daily Magic Games Review 7

When you get over the initial hump of how many actions you can choose in the round, the game plays quite naturally. 

If you like hidden economic games, that allow you to plan out your actions a bit, this may be of interest.

Age Range & Weight

14+. The subject matter is death of a king. I suppose there are some younger ones that could be bothered by that. If they are, the game is all about building monuments to a dead Pharaoh, perhaps this would not be the best game.

Strategically, I personally would not want to teach it to a younger audience. It would jst take too much effort. Therefore, I think for both reasons, the age range, is entirely correct.


Sailing Toward Osiris by Daily Magic Games Review 8

I like STO, which is either short for Sailing Toward Osiris, or Stone Temple Obelisks, a really horrible 90’s band. They are the sister band to Stone temple Pilates.

Since we are talking games, I think we are likely talking about Daily Magic’s fantastic new Sailing Toward Osisris game. If you have a list of games you want to check out at GenCon, this should easily be on the Top Ten of games released at Origins. For me, it is a top shelf game, which means I will have to retire another top shelf game to a lower shelf. 2018 is shaping up to be, a top shelf makeover year, in large part to games like Sailing Toward Osiris, and Daily Magic Games.


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