Scrawl – Big Potato Games – Review


Scrawl - Big Potato Games - Review 1

Publisher: Big Potato Games

Game Type: Party Game, Drawing, Adult Humor

Initial Year of Release: 2016

Artist: Zoe Lee

Theme and What is it?

*Note* Copy of the game provided by the publisher for review purposes.

Scrawl is a party game for adults. Part Pictionary, part telephone, and part Cards Against Humanity.

Gameplay Mechanics

Scrawl has a simple set of mechanics. Each player gets a dry erase board, a card with a thing or idea on it, and a marker. Each player takes their idea, things like a Sharknado, a man hiding in a baby carriage, or naked in an elevator and they draw it on their board. After they’re finished they take a clean board and clip it over top of their drawing. Everyone passes their boards to the next player in line. Looking at the picture they just received they write what they think the picture is of. They then pass the new boards to the next player and repeat until they get their original boards back. You then take the boards and go through each one starting with what you actually drew and what it became by the end of its trip.

Initial Impressions

I have a similar game called Telestrations. I enjoy that a lot and thought that this would be just as fun and interesting.

Game Build Quality

The components are nice. Everything has a good feel to it. The cards are sturdy and double sides with two options on each side adding to lots of replayability. There were a few quality of life things. None of the dry erase pens included in the game have an eraser but a sponge is included for that. However, they only include one sponge. You’ll need paper towels, a lot of time, or people willing to use their shirts to facilitate clean up. The alligator clips they include to hold each set of boards together are fine, but I would have preferred something a little more tangible. The constant adding and removing of boards is fiddley, and if you bobble them and drop one, someone is basically out of the game. The rules are well written and easy to follow.

Artistic Direction

There’s not one. The art in this game is left to player. That said the graphic design is good. Everything is easy to read and functional.

Fun Factor

Scrawl is silly fun. You’re going to laugh a lot and have a good time provided you don’t take the game seriously. Sit back, relax, and embrace the chaos. It’s never going to turn out how you thought.

Scrawl - Big Potato Games - Review 2

Age Range & Weight

The Box says 17+ and yep. The complexity in this game is nonexistent. You’ve read the entire set of rules except scoring back in mechanics. This game is easy to play and could be played by children. However, content wise this is absolutely a game for adults. Unless you feel like explaining side boob to an eight year old.


It’s a fun game. I enjoyed how they set it up and how it handled. The clues are all really nice, adult but nice. They even throw in a couple that can be horribly misinterpreted, wheelbarrow race for example; let your minds wander. It’s certainly for adults. It should only be played by adults. I cannot stress that part enough. There is a family game out there, Telestrations. If you want a game to play with your kids then that’s more what you’re looking for. That said this is the grown up version of that and it delivers the same type of fun.

I had a good time with this, though there were a couple of things that put a hiccup in the evening. The rounds aren’t timed in this game, so we imposed one. Forcing people to work quickly made the game more frantic and added to the level of wtf that followed the different drawings. The game does include scoring but honestly, this isn’t that kind of game. I would recommend ignoring the scoring part of the game and just going for it.

That said. If you get a chance and the right type of people, this is a laugh out loud game. I had fun, and I think you might too.


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