Silver (Amulet/Bullet) Preview – Bezier Games


“Werewolf has always been to me a half tongue in cheek sort of affair. Here, Silver has taken that to the Nth degree. ”

Publisher: Bezier Games

Designer: Ted Alspach

Artist: Andrey Gordeev

Game Type: Trick Taking, Take That,

Initial Year of Release: 2019

Age Range:

Expected Playtime: 30-45 Mins

Number of Players: 2-4

Silver (Amulet/Bullet) Preview - Bezier Games 1

Theme and What is it?

Bezier Games, famous for the Werewolf games, have been in the game building laboratory. Here, they have built a card game from the skeleton of a few classic card games, and brought in monsters, vampires, heroes, skeleteons (literally), trolls, and all sorts of other silver cinema era monsters. 

The goal of the player, is to get their hand down to the lowest possible number, while preventing your neighbor from having low hands. 

While similar in theory to some card games, the execution is what makes Silver Amulet and Silver Bullet unique. 


Silver (Amulet/Bullet) Preview - Bezier Games 2

Gameplay Mechanics

I’m going to tell you this game mechanic the same way I taught the game, as clearly and concisely as possible, and then you, GO!

  • Deal each player 5 cards, face down
  • Each player may look at two cards (I suppose they could pretend to look, but that would be nuts)
  • In turns, each player pulls a card from the deck, or from the discard
  • The player may choose to keep the card, or use the power (if a discard power exists on the card)
  • if they keep the card, they replace one card from their cards, and put that card in discard
  • if they choose a discarded card, they will put it face up into their cards, and still discard a card to do that
  • the turn passes
  • the game goes in circles, until someone either ends the round by calling for a vote, in classic werewolf style
  • each player that didn’t call the vote, takes one more turn
  • there are also cards, that if both are faced up, ends the round IMMEDIATELY
  • Now each player counts their points (the numbers on their cards)
  • If the player that called the vote gets the lowest, they score ZERO
  • If the player that calls the vote does not get the lowest, including ties, they count their cards, and score them +1o more points.
  • Each other player, simply counts their points.
  • The game ends after 4 rounds.
  • SPECIAL RULES, make sure to read the rules for the silver bullet or the silver amulet rules, not so complex, but more than I want to get into here.

Silver (Amulet/Bullet) Preview - Bezier Games 3

Initial Impressions

Silver very much takes a lot of cues from another game I very much like. With that being said, it is not any other game. It is, its own entity, that definitely has some “take that” to it.

The presentation feels like a bigger game than its smaller cousin. It definitely made me want to open the box. I hoped hesitatingly, that it was a good sign.

Silver (Amulet/Bullet) Preview - Bezier Games 4

Game Build Quality

This game is a PROTOTYPE. However, it still seems to have a lot of thought on the final product. Should they follow their own design cues, it will be a cool release, in terms of build quality.

Silver (Amulet/Bullet) Preview - Bezier Games 5

Artistic Direction

Werewolf has always been to me a half tongue in cheek sort of affair. Here, Silver has taken that to the Nth degree. 

The game has a silly Adam’s Family cartoon esque sort of aesthetic. Maybe combine that with Edward Scissorhands in cartoon form, and you’ll see it. What this means to me is that the art style while not “unique” is exactly what this game should have. 

Bezier has not made the mistake of making a fun game mechanic and turned the art into a serious affair. I think this speaks volumes for the art style, and direction.

Silver (Amulet/Bullet) Preview - Bezier Games 6

Fun Factor

You like blocking people. You are a mean person. I think we can be friends.

This game takes some strategering for your own cards, and significant TAKE THATTING to be successful. I personally love that. If you do not like direct confrontational games, you sir, are wrong.

Silver (Amulet/Bullet) Preview - Bezier Games 7

Age Range & Weight

Bezier says the final game is probably 8+, and anyone else can play. 

The weight would suggest that is true, and I know my daughter enjoyed taking and pushing and pulling with this game. So, I’d say that the overall weight and age being aimed for is accurate. 

DO keep in mind, this could change for all sorts of reasons, including determining best age for purposes of marketability.

Silver (Amulet/Bullet) Preview - Bezier Games 1


I’m a huge fan of what Bezier is trying to do here. This is a modular card game, where each new pack is interchangeable. Ideally, Bezier after the Bullet releasing later in the year, will consider making an app for auto-picking decks, for maximum replayability, and randomness in deck construction. 

You need to think about adding Silver Amulet & Silver Bullet to your game shelves. I’m going to. 

That might be a lie, this game is likely to either sit in my overnight bag for travel, or in my car for the same purpose. The only thing that will ever reach my shelf, is likely to be the box.


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