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Sorcerer expansions

I would qualify these as “more of the same” or “abundance of riches” expansions (in a good way).

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Publisher: White Wizard Games Designer: Peter Scholtz Game Type: Card, Fighting, Dice, Press Your Luck, Drafting Initial Year of Release: 2019 Age Range: 14+ Expected Playtime: 60 minutes Number of Players: 2-4 Sorcerer Expansions - White Wizard Games - Review 1

Theme and What is it?

Sorcerer by Peter Scholtz with Robert Dougherty & Darwin Kastle and published by White Wizard Games in 2019 is a card-based battle game with dice and press-your-luck elements mixed in. Check out our review here.

The base game comes with 4 each Characters, Lineages, and Domains which can be combined to create different character combinations.

This review features the first additional Character, Lineage, and Domain expansions.

  • Character: Virgiliu (11 cards + standee)
  • Lineage: Sylvanei (Druid) (27 cards)
  • Domain: Bloodsoaked Fjord (11 cards)

Players may combine different Character, Lineages, and Domains to create their character’s true name (and the deck the players will use in the game), so “Virgiliu the Druid of the Bloodsoaked Fjord” would be the true name if these expansions were combined, but players could mix-and-match these with the Characters, Lineages, and Domains from the base game (or later expansions) to make their own combinations. Sorcerer Expansions - White Wizard Games - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

The base game’s mechanics are discussed in the review of the base game (here).

The Virgiliu (Character) expansion adds a pyromancer to burn your enemies to cinders! You will rain fire damage upon opposing minions. If your fire sorceries destroy a minion, you will search your grimoire for more powerful sorceries or even an immortal phoenix to add to your hand!

The Sylvanei (Lineage) expansion ensnares your opponents with the ancient magicks of the forest. As a descendant of the Sylvainei lineage, your minions grow root armor while an unending supply of Tree-Kin sprout forth to serve you. Over time, your Tree-Kin will grow into mighty Deeproot Guardians!

The Bloodsoaked Fjord (Domain) expansion adds the power of the mighty trolls of the north. You will have no shortage of raw power with the trolls of the Bloodsoaked Fjord in your ranks. You’ll whip them into a berserker rage and unleash the mightiest of attacks. Sorcerer Expansions - White Wizard Games - Review 3

Initial Impressions

The expansions come in unassuming foil packs and can be added to the base game box, where there is ample room for the (and many more). Sorcerer Expansions - White Wizard Games - Review 4

Game Build Quality

The fine card quality of the base game is matched by this expansion. The standee is richly colored. All the art throughout these expansions (as well as the base game) is magnificent. Virgiliu card

Artistic Direction

Wow, is this game (and these expansions) beautiful. Evocative and engaging art throughout. Some of the art may be a bit intense for younger players (I think the recommended age range of 14+ sounds great), but it is all lavish, colorful, thematic, and well-executed. Sylvanei card

Fun Factor

If you enjoy card battling games and the theme, you’ll love Sorcerer. These expansions give you more to love, with innovative mechanics that compliment what’s in the base box.

It seems like often games that can be expanded are expanded to the point of ridiculousness — too many expansions pushing things in too many different directions. These expansions do not fall into this mold… They’re additional riffs on the base game’s mechanics and add fresh new options. This game hasn’t ‘jumped the shark’ with these expansions. Bloodsoaked Fjord card

Age Range & Weight

I consider 14+ to be appropriate, but you know your kids well enough to know what they’ll be able to tolerate. I think the biggest risk is that the artwork might be too intense for some. But the game play should be easy enough for a 12-year old to grasp.


I would qualify these as “more of the same” or “abundance of riches” expansions (in a good way) — they do not change the basic mechanics of the game nor the game’s flow. They offer new permutations of the characters and new variety. For me, these are must-have additions to the game.


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