Spiel 2017 preparation

Spiel 2017 preparation 1

Essen Spiel Countdown

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“SPIEL in Essen means: Four days of fun, meeting friends, playing and testing thousands of games and novelties together with gamers from all over the world.”

After a very successful GenCon we start preparing for Spiel 2017. A fun, big and daunting task as the biggest boardgame convention of Europe will be even bigger this year!

Bigger than ever!

Spiel has grown to 72.000 square meters in exhibition space in 2017. The growth was needed to accommadate the 1100 registered exhibitors. The extra space was found by doubling the space in halls 6 & 7 and adding hall 8 as well.

More exhibitors and space results in more boardgames to see and play. The visitors will be able to enter the Messe convention center using the East and West entrance, but also the newly added Galeria entry. Also convenient the extra subway trains and parking spaces.

Everything has been done te make it a great, fun and exciting convention!

Now it’s up to us to start our preparations…


We will be covering Spiel for you this year and we are almost set and done to join the fun.

I will be driving to Essen from the Netherlands…

  • the hotel is booked
  • waiting for my press pass
  • 4 day ticket is in the pocket just in case
  • water bottle and walking shoes are packed
  • settled on a budget for new games

… and all is left to do is creating a list of all games I want to check out and want to buy.

Preview tools

As of today the counter of newly released games at Spiel stands on 510, but every day new games are added to the list.

Luckily there a two tools to make my and your life easier:

  1. BoardGameGeek – Spiel’17 Preview
  2. TableTop Together – TableTop Together Tool

Both tools are great and will show you the new games being released at Spiel this year. BoardGameGeek has a very slick good looking tool that also connects to your own collection and wishlist. You can also add notes. Only downside for me is that I am having problems using the tool on my phone. One of the reasons I prefer the TableTop Together Tool. It works on my phone and it also allows me differentiate my priorities better. I can share the list with my friends and I can print a sorted list as well. Probably as backup, but just in case the battery of my phones dies. Don’t want to get lost…

Lots to do!

My list of games to demo is on 90. On most of them I still need to find more information online as I have marked 44 of them as maybe and 17 as like. Even more games will be added, thus the coming weeks I will be doing some research to end up with a list that fits my budget and car!

Even though Spiel will provide a packaging and shipment service I do prefer driving my own games home šŸ˜‰

Follow up

A follow up with our most anticipated games will be posted later this week! Please let us know in the comments if you would like us to preview one of your favorite games or publishers.

Hope to see you at Essen Spiel 2017 in t-minus:[tminus t=”25-10-2017 23:59:59″ style=”darth”/]


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