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Kickstarter Alert!

Spirit Island: Jagged Earth drop on Kickstarter Oct 16th.

The new Spirit Island expansion, Jagged Earth, is going to be massive. How do I know this? Greater Than Games sent me a sneak peek promotional pack with about 1/8 of the components that will end up being in the full expansion. Please keep in mind that you will need the base game of Spirit Island to play the Jagged Earth expansion. It is not a standalone game. It will use elements from the Branch and Claw expansion but you do not need that expansion to play Jagged Earth.

Also, remember that as I show some of the components from the sneak peek, the components that are production grade are pieces found in the original game and Branch and Claw expansion. The rest are all pre-production prototypes. They do not have artwork on them and may be subject to change.

Spirit Island - Jagged Earth - Greater than Games - Preview 1
Spirit Island - Jagged Earth - Greater than Games - Preview 2
Spirit Island - Jagged Earth - Greater than Games - Preview 3

To start us off, the biggest news is that there will be eight new spirits! Eight! 8! Crazy, I know. Here are concept pieces for two of the new spirits. After seeing these two it looks like they will have new ways to interact with the island and even have some new, interesting mechanics on their boards.

Another great way to expand how the spirits interact with the board is with the new Aspect Cards. These cards are to be used with the original spirits from the base game. They change the special abilities and innate powers of each spirit. There are aspect cards for each original spirit. That means there are going to be so many new ways to crush those pesky invaders.

Spirit Island - Jagged Earth - Greater than Games - Preview 4
Spirit Island - Jagged Earth - Greater than Games - Preview 4

Speaking of invaders there will be two new adversaries. Since there are new adversaries there better be fun new ways to fight them. That is where the new Badland tokens come into play. These are totally new and Greater Than Games did not provide anything that explains how these will work. We just have to cool our jets and wait for more information on these.

There will be new plastic, wood and punchcard tokens and 50+ new major and minor power cards. New event, fear and blight cards will also be included in the Jagged Earth expansion.

There may be more surprises as everything moves along. All I have is the preview material that Greater Than Games sent to me. What are the new tokens going to look like? What will be new on the major and minor power cards? What about the fear cards? We will have to wait for answers to all our burning questions.

Like I said earlier this is going to be a huge expansion! Jagged Earth seems like it is going to make an amazing game even better and add tons of new ways to play and replay Spirit Island.

The Kickstarter launch is October 16th! If you love Spirit Island you will want to get in on the action right away for this kickstarter. If you don’t know about Spirit Island yet, you will want to check out the base game and then get in on the kickstarter action. I love Spirit Island. I can’t wait for everything that the Jagged Earth expansion will add and I don’t even know all of it yet.

I hope to see you all on Kickstarter on the 16th supporting a great company that is producing amazing gaming experiences!

Spirit Island - Jagged Earth - Greater than Games - Preview 6


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