Star Wars Destiny League Night has been extended!

[wpdevart_youtube]sztw7Ib3M8M[/wpdevart_youtube]Star Wars Destiny League Night has been extended! 1Star Wars Destiny League Night has been extended! 2
So the store that was hosting the weekly Star Wars Destiny league has been extended an additional six weeks. Despite my mediocre record, I’m really stoked at this. Coming into the league, I was very inexperienced, playing a eDooku/eKylo deck that was a bit on the “toolbox-y” side. As the league as progress, I’ve chaned over to Emo Kids, and really worked at refining my deck. Part of that has been due to the broad level of variety in the decks that I’ve faced; outside of this, I really only play against a few friends that don’t all know each other, with only one capable of building different decks on a whim. So, I’m gearing up for tonight, and looking forward to the increased exposure to other decks that I’ll continue to receive over the next several weeks. Also, I’m working on a new deck type, so check out the video for details on what I’m working on.
Recap on how the night went:


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