Star Wars Destiny league night, week 6


Star Wars Destiny league night, week 6 1

So tonight I am attending week 6 (out of 8) of the Star Wars Destiny league. I believe this is the first time that I’ve gone a week without changing anything in my deck (and thus no need for an introductory video); as you may recall, I swapped out a few of the cards right before last week, and went 3-1, though I think that was as due to the fact that I lost my first match, and started to roll better against the subsequent 0-1 and 1-1 opponents. I managed to get a bit more playtime in before tonight, so I *think* this is where I’ll be keeping my deck for the next couple of weeks. But in the end, I’m a tweaker when it comes to CCGs, so we’ll see how long I can withstand the siren’s call. If I do better than .500 tonight, that might seal it for me for the rest of the leage, and give me some confidence to enter a store championship this summer. Once I have the video of the post mortem done, I’ll update the article with it.

Update June 7: here is the recap



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