Star Wars Destiny League, Week 4


And now I’m heading into week 4 of this league. I’ve already done a video based on what I have changed in my deck, and what I’m hoping it will be able to do going into this week. In the last 2 weeks that I’ve made, out of the three that they’ve had, I have gone 2-2 both times.

Star Wars Destiny League, Week 4 1

Well things could have gone to monster blee worse for me, I was hopeful to go no worse than 3-1 in either week. At the store that hosting the tourney, they give a booster for showing up, and one more for each win, so I am not doing too poorly in that department. I don’t really buy boosters, as my interest is really in playing one particular type of deck, but accruing them through this league isn’t a bad way for me to get my hands on additional cards to round out my collection. So, I’m hoping you enjoy the videos. I will do a recap afterwards, and add it to this page.


Update: Here’s how it went for me:[wpdevart_youtube][/wpdevart_youtube]


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