Start Wars Destiny league night, week 8


Start Wars Destiny league night, week 8 1

So, this is it. The final night for the 8 week Star Wars Destiny league that I joined two months back. Heretofore, I’ve won exactly as many matches as I’ve lost. Frustrating to be sure, but I guess things could’ve gone way worse. I’ve again made some tweaks to my deck (I can’t seem to just leave the thing along :p ), adding a bit more of a control element, to help mitigate what my opponent is rolling. I don’t know if it’ll be enough though, to get me a winning record tonight (as well as overall). Feel free to check out the video, to get some more detail on which specific cards I’ve swapped in and out of my deck. Start Wars Destiny league night, week 8 2


Update: the league has been extended for six more weeks.



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