Sushi Roll Preview – Gamewright


“Sushi Go, and Sushi Roll should have a place on your shelf, and does have a place on mine.”

Josh Hale

Publisher: Gamewright

Designer: Phil Walker-Harding

Artist: Nan Rangsima

Game Type: Drafting, Dice,

Initial Year of Release: 2019

Age Range: 8+

Expected Playtime: 20 Min

Number of Players: 2-5

Sushi Roll Preview - Gamewright 1

Theme and What is it?

In the world of board gaming, the card game Sushi Go, has become almost a household name. Its a small fast drafting game, that is geared towards travel, and teaching new people the mechanics of drafting games.

This is a no-brainer when it comes to bringing new people to the hobby. Plus it is so doggone cute…

Here comes, Sushi Roll. Think a roll and write, with enough dice that you can just keep your dice, and must draft the best ones to give you the most amount of points. But; (don’t you hate when people interview themselves?) how does it stand up?

Sushi Roll Preview - Gamewright 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Grab the amount of dice from the bag the rules say (based on # of player), and then roll them. Add them to your conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt which is belted red, is the first player. That person drafts a single die, and then turns continue (my preference is clockwise). After all have drafted a die, the conveyor belts moves clockwise (again, my preference), and a new start player drafts a singular die.

The rules call for all players to re-roll all their dice, though I think it can be played with rolling or not rolling, as long as it stays consistent throughout. 

Ultimately, you are trying to have the most points at the end of three rounds of dice selection based on your card, and the pudding is the only end game points, which are either positive or negative or neutral. 

Sushi Roll Preview - Gamewright 3

Initial Impressions

I saw this the first time, in a semi-incomplete fashion at New York Toy Fair (I think all was actually complete, but they did not know if anything would change).

I was initially not excited, as I hardly ever play Sushi Go, despite it being a fine game. But, as Gamewright explained the idea, drafting of dice, that could possibly change, seemed unique, and a spin on Sushi Go that was fun and interesting.

Sushi Roll Preview - Gamewright 4

Game Build Quality

The game is built with simple cardboard, and very nice dice. I love the dice, they are chunky, and pretty, and clearly convey the ideas of what the game is, and should be.

There is not much more that truly needs to be said.

Sushi Roll Preview - Gamewright 5

Artistic Direction

A simple game with a simple theme, and that includes the art. It is not graphically intensive, but not overly “artsy”. I think it does exactly what it is needed to do, foe the game to be fun.

Sushi Roll Preview - Gamewright 6

Fun Factor

I like drafting games generally, this one is simplistic in nature, and but is crystal clear and easy to teach. I believe every library should have games that will allow for teaching new people game mechanics, and still be fun for more strategic gamers, as a filler. 

Therefore, I like the idea of the game.

Sushi Roll Preview - Gamewright 5

Age Range & Weight

8+. I think the age range is nearly perfect. 

My 7 year old daughter has played through with me, and without much effort tied me. She ended up winning on the tie-breaker. 

Sushi Roll Preview - Gamewright 8


Sushi Go, and Sushi Roll should have a place on your shelf, and does have a place on mine. 

In this industry, there is always the question of, “should a game get made?” Sushi Roll is fun. It is absolutely of interest on the basis of the chunky dice. I am and always have been a fan of chunky dice. 

You may want to roll the dice here. If you like the drafting mechanic, this is a great entry level game that is fun.


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