Tale of Carrot – Phixe – Review

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Theme and What is it?


The rabbits… they are everywhere and they want your carrots!  At least there are other towns and clans to redirect the fury and hunger of these ravenous beasts.  You are your clans’ only hope to stave off the losses to your crops until it’s time to harvest lest you fail and lose everything.

Gameplay Mechanics



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The goal of Tale of Carrot is to be the last hero standing against the evil rabbits.


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Shuffle the hero cards and deal two to each player and choose one of them to be your character; discard the other to the box.  Each player takes a Village card, HP counter disc, reference card, and Survival Skill coins.  Shuffle the Rabbit and Adventure decks and place them in the middle of the players.


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On each of their turns, the players have the following actions: Rabbit Come, Adventure, Special Attack, and Rabbit Attack.  For the Rabbit Come action, the player draws a card from the Rabbit deck and places it in on the Village card of his choice, replacing any Rabbit card if there happens to be one present.  During the Adventure action, the player may choose to draw a card from the Adventure deck and perform its effects.  If the player meets the conditions, he may perform his Special Ability next.  Finally, the Rabbit Attack action has all of the rabbits on his Village card attack the player(s) pointed on the Rabbit card(s).

The Survival tokens can be played during the Adventure and Special Attack actions.

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Initial Impressions


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this game but the title grabbed me (being off-the-wall).  Once again, it took awhile to get used to the game’s flow (mostly the rulebook) but once you get it, the game will go fast.

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Game Build Quality


The components are made from a couple different heavy card stocks, thickest for the Survival skill coins.  This is alright for the pieces and large player cards but the playing cards are difficult to shuffle conventionally because of the stiffness of the card stock.  Regardless, they will stand up to a lot of play.

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Artistic Direction


There are a lot of unique art pieces in the game (heroes, rabbits, etc.), which I like.  The quality is also well done and meets the theme.

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Fun Factor


The game is primarily about the Take That factor and outlasting your opponents.  The fun theme and art also plays into the game’s enjoyment.

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Age Range & Weight


In general, the game doesn’t warrant a 14+ age given the low complexity few options there are in the game.  The one aspect that could increase the age is the nature of the artwork being more on the violent or scary side, so certainly not for younger players.



Tale of Carrot is a game that I thought could have used more to it.  I don’t normally say that about games because usually you want to do the opposite.  The mechanics are simple and clean but it felt like there was something missing, like you wanted to be able to do more and the game had the space to do it.  Like a lot of games I have played from Asia (my first from Thailand), I have had trouble with the English translation, so it took a couple of readings to understand it, which made the game take much longer than intended.  I liked the game; it was a good start for this fledgling publisher and l look forward to more of their offerings.

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