Team-Up! – Helvetiq – Review


Publisher: Helvetiq

Game Type: Coop, Puzzle

Designer: Hadi Barkat

Designer: Sébastien Pauchon

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Theme and What is it?

Team-Up! - Helvetiq - Review 1You work in a warehouse. You are a team of laborers, that must pack pallets to fit as much product as possible, in as little space as possible.

To anyone who has ever worked in a warehouse, this sounds like a horrible idea for a game. I handle lots of boxes, and when it was first presented to me, my initial reaction was skeptical to say the least. Why would anyone ever enjoy work as a game, I asked myself… Which in retrospect seems silly, how many farming games, or trading games are there?

Gameplay Mechanics

Team-Up! - Helvetiq - Review 2

This game could not be simpler, which is deceiving. It is not easy. You draw a card, and place the box. You cannot place the same size piece directly to a like size piece, meaning a long and wide piece cannot have another long wide next to it in same aspect, doubling size. This is where the game gets tricky.

Stacking with a rule set that works against perfect stacks can get ugly, fast.

5 perfect stacks of boxes, and you will get a perfect score of 25. We have yet to do that.

Initial Impressions

Team-Up! - Helvetiq - Review 3As I said, I thought the idea behind this game was ridiculous. It, however is quite beautiful to look at. It drew me in to at least give it a chance.

Game Build Quality

Team-Up! - Helvetiq - Review 4

LOTS of wood, and a nice travel satchel. This game is built like,

I love the build quality. It just calls you to play. In fact, I have to take a brick from writing, and play some more… be right back…

Artistic Direction

Team-Up! - Helvetiq - Review 5I sometimes get blasted for saying a game has no art. This is the case with Team Up!. It is so simple that the game is the art. This is much like the Catch the Moon, we reviewed earlier this year.

Obviously, the games are nothing alike, apart from the idea of games as art. Becuase of that idea, the game has not created emotional art, but actual physical art. This could easily be as instagrammable as Tokyo Highway.

Fun Factor

Team-Up! - Helvetiq - Review 6 There are so many games that are created that are kid friendly, due to being coop. For my daughter, this was not the case. She wanted to “win”, or she felt it was a waste of time.

For me, I felt the opposite, I like the search to try to become perfect. I never reached zen…

Age Range & Weight

Team-Up! - Helvetiq - Review 7

7+ I personally think that since this is coop, almost any player could play it that had the patience to work with the group. I do not find it too complex for almost any mind, if anything my daughter is used to more complex games, and this one did not feel challenging enough.

This is from the mind of a 6 year old. For me, I found it plenty challenging.


Team-Up! - Helvetiq - Review 8

Team Up! was one of our Top Ten from GenCon. Needless to say, I love the game, and the simplicity of it. It is not built to be overly thinky, rather it is built to engage a group to talk and discuss the best method to complete a job.

This game is the perfect team builder, in the way I see the world, and thankfully the way I see the world is right. ?


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