Calling UK Gamers – AireCon 4


Calling UK Gamers - AireCon 4 1Less than three weeks to go now until the start of AireCon 4, a rapidly growing convention which has come a long way since its inaugural event in 2015. Starting as a gathering of people in one of the organisers’ houses as a means to bring gamers together to play, AireCon has made its mark on the UK gaming calendar, now being sponsored by Traveling Man and the UK Games Expo, and growing in popularity so that two venue changes have been required since 2015.

AireCon covers gaming of all types, whether board/tabletop games, RPG or even some computer games. This year’s event will take place from 10-12 March 2017, at the Harrogate International Centre, where 2 spaces will be dedicated to a variety of activities. Hall D will contain trade and exhibition spaces, open gaming, tournaments and catering facilities. Attendees will also have access to The Kings Suite, which will be used for press panels and events. Events currently include Super Board, a knockout tournament which pits 8 teams of four against each other in a variety of games, Room 504 (the Room 101 of board gaming), Mega-Karuba, Game Design Jam sponsored by ITB Games, and many more.

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