Temporal Odyssey – Level99 Games – Review

Temporal Odyssey - Level99 Games - Review 1

Matthew Kearns
Matthew Kearns
Writer, Trainer, Midnight Planner

Theme&What is it?

Time to Go

Open portals through time, pulling monsters and allies to fight for you and fend off the hordes sent by your opponents.  In Temporal Odyssey, you cast spells to cheat death and collect artifacts in your quest as a Traveler to dominate and win, becoming the master of time!

First time’s a charm

There was a bit of trepidation with this game as I wasn’t a fan of the last game I reviewed from this publisher.  The layout and art did attract me and the concept, so here’s hopin’.



Time’s a-wastin’

The goal of Temporal Odyssey is to deal 3 Instability to your opponent and defeat his Traveler.

Shuffle the class cards and their associated spells to form the three time period draw decks: Past, Present, Future.  Shuffle and place the Token deck next to the time period decks.  Shuffle and place the Instability deck on the other side of the table.

Each player chooses a Traveler and its associated cards, and is given 4 AP tokens. Choose the first player and give the Haste spell from the Token deck to the player that goes last.

Both players put the Traveler and Tower into play.

At the beginning of your turn, you resolve any Start of Turn effects and perform clean up tasks. You then may acquire or play cards from your hand, limited by the number of AP tokens needed. Allies and spells defeat creatures and nullify effects in effort to cause an opponent to gain Instability.  After playing cards, group your cards in front of you to defend against your opponents’ attacks.  To end your turn, draw three cards from one of the time period draw decks: Put one in your hand, put one in the Banish pile, and put the last on top of that deck face-up.

 “In a time of destruction, create something.” ― Maxine Hong Kingston

The game components are cards and tokens.  The cards are typical card stock, nothing special, so I’d suggest sleeving.  The tokens are made from a sturdy cardboard stock.



 “Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso

The art of the cards and the box is great. The game has an anime quality to it and the art follows right along.  There are a handful of people responsible for this contribution, each with attractive offerings.

Time flies

This game is all about the take-that! aspect of a card battle game.  With the random draws from the time period decks, it takes some time to figure what works best with your Traveler and how to win.



“Time is an illusion.” – Albert Einstein

Age range is 12+ and the game has a middling weight to it, even though it has a fairly short duration.  I’d say weighing both, they are about accurate because the theme is along the interest lines for older kids and above.  The difficulty might skew a little younger to maybe 10 but not really lower.

Time’s up!

Temporal Odyssey I’m afraid is another game by Level99 Games that just doesn’t quite do it for me.  There are interesting mechanical bits to the rules that I feel could have been expanded upon. Yet I didn’t feel a whole lot of tension or player-to-player struggle.  When we were done, we really didn’t feel like there is as much replayability to the game or excited to give it another go even though there appear to be many combinations of classes, decks, etc.  The artwork though was really top-notch.



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