That’s A Question – Czech Games Edition – Review


What makes That’s A Question a great party game is the time you spend getting to know others. 

Publisher: Czech Games Edition

Designer: Vlaada Chvatil

Artist: Soren Meding

Game Type: Party Game

Initial Year of Release: 2017

Age Range: 15+

Expected Playtime: 30

Number of Players: 3-6

That's A Question - Czech Games Edition - Review 1

Theme and What is it?

Everyone loves a great game about squirrels. Those pesky, yet adorable creatures are just so fun- loving that it is infectious. And to be totally honest, there are not enough games out there about squirrels. There should be at least four times as many…. Wait…this isn’t a game about squirrels? It is a game about questions? Tough questions that make people think? Oh well, that changes everything. Let’s take a look at this game which is all about questions that has a nice squirrel theme. 

That’s A Question is a party game for 3-6 players.

That's A Question - Czech Games Edition - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Each turn players will take one of three roles—the asker, the answerer, or a guesser.

There are three questions on a central tile. The asker picks one of the three questions and selects two answers from the answer cards in their hand. They place the answers under the question and select a player to be the answerer. The answerer picks which answer they feel is right and place their “A” or “B” token upside down in front of them. The A and B tokens correspond with the two answers provided by the asker. At this point the remaining players are all guessers and their job is to try to pick which answer the answerer chose. Hopefully that explanation wasn’t too squirrely for you. 

After the guessers have guessed, then the answerer reveals their answer. Every guesser that guessed correctly moves their squirrel a space. The asker gets to move a space for every guesser that guessed incorrectly. The answerer gets to move a space just because they were a good sport and answered the question. (I totally felt like Dr. Seuss writing this paragraph.)

There is a system built into the game to make sure the same person is not always answering all the questions, since the answerer only gets to move a single space. Everyone starts out with an acorn card and when the asker picks an answerer, then the asker takes the answerer’s acorn. If a player does not have an acorn, you can’t select them to answer the question.

There are ways to multiply your score and move your squirrel further along the board, but you can explore that on your own.

Initial Impressions

That’s A Question started out slow for my group. Someone asked, then someone answered while other people guessed. That’s what the game said you do. Then someone picked me to be the answerer. I had to choose between having a pet dinosaur or coming back as an animal in my next life. I didn’t just select my answer and then lay that answer tile face down in front of me. I started to talk about the pros and cons of each answer. I analyzed them and gave my thoughts on each answer. Then I selected which one I thought was best. By this point I had everyone totally confused on which one I would pick since I said positives and negatives about both. From that point on everyone had way more fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. 

This should not be too much of an issue. I think my group spent time to see how the game worked, and I just jumped in and was the first to break the comfort zone. That needs to happen with some party games, especially getting to know you party games. 

That's A Question - Czech Games Edition - Review 1

Game Build Quality

That’s A Question is a medium box sized game. Everything fit with no issues. It was nice having it in a smaller box format. The game board and all of the cards were industry standard and will hold up to lots of plays. The squirrel meeple (squirreple?) player markers were great fun. Moving them along the board was a joy. One issue I did have was with the spaces on the board. They got smaller as you move along the board. When multiple squirrels were on the same space it was very crowded. But overall, great components.

That's A Question - Czech Games Edition - Review 4

Artistic Direction

The artwork is carefree mirthful. The game is about tough questions, but the art does not reflect that. It allows players to feel comfortable in a situation where they may feel vulnerable. Having a non-threatening theme goes a long way helping people open up. None of the questions are soul searching, but it still can be hard to be singled out and then have to make a choice. 

That's A Question - Czech Games Edition - Review 1

Fun Factor

What makes That’s A Question a great party game is the time you spend getting to know others. The questions are not deep, but you can learn a lot about someone based on how they respond to questions that may seem silly. This is even more true if they take time to let you in on their thought process.

I liked not having deep questions. Having fun, yet engaging questions allowed everyone to be involved with the game. And everyone is always involved all the time because they are either the asker, the answerer or a guesser. 

That's A Question - Czech Games Edition - Review 1

Age Range & Weight

That’s A Question is recommended for 15+. This can be a great game to play with kids. It does not have any risqué questions like some other question-based party games that I have played. It can help youngsters do some great critical thinking. 

I played a game with all adults and even though the questions and answers were sometimes silly, everyone still had fun with it and stayed involved. This game should appeal to lots of different types of players and age ranges.

That's A Question - Czech Games Edition - Review 1


If you need a quick party game that is super easy to teach and can be played just about anywhere then That’s A Question may be perfect for you. 

This quick, easy game is great game even for non-gamers. My recommendation would be to always play with at least 5 or 6 players. The more people that are involved the more fun you will have. Let people know before-hand that it is lighthearted, but allow players to really spend time figuring out which answer they feel is best. Sometimes they will know instantly, other times encourage them to talk through it with the group before they secretly pick their answer. This can lead to some very funny moments, which are what games like this are all about. 


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