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We here at Meeple Gamers would like to once again bring you another list of the best things the gaming world can offer. We want to make sure you, our readers, are prepared to enter the world of gaming with the best tools at your disposal. To that end, I have decided to put my considerable knowledge and opinion to the task of determine the best cards in gaming.

To be clear, this is a list I compiled after using my decades of experience in the gaming community, my volumes of knowledge of gaming, chance, probability, strategic thinking, esthetics, color, and fashion to come up with this list. Which means that it is a definitive list. I’m not some Johnny-Come-Fly-By-Night who puts what he thinks is the best in his opinion. In fact I actively hate two of these cards, but I can easily admit that they are still among the top ten best cards in gaming.

With that out of the way, allow me to straighten my smoking jacket, pour myself a snifter of brandy, and light my favorite pipe. It’s time for another instalment from the Discerning Gamer.

The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 11

10: Heart Forge/Aeons End

Heart Forge is a wonderful card that gives you two functions at once. Being a part of Aeons End, a fantastic Deck Builder, Heart Forge lets you perform tow of the most valuable actions in a Deck Builder. It allows you to cull your deck by destroying a card while empowering your deck by replacing that same card.

With one action you’ve strengthened your deck without clogging it full of excess cards. You can keep playing forward without wasting actions on other feats. Every part of this card is a magnificent example of frugality. There’s no better reason to play this card then those given. It’s perfect.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 12

8: You’re as lost as last year’s Easter Egg/Relative Insanity

There are a lot of play a card, play a response, and have it judged games. Apples to Apples, Cards against Humanity, and Superfight are a few that come to mind right away. However, I think the structure of Relative Insanity fixes one of the biggest holes in these games that of the need for a response card to match the base card. Relative Insanity fixes this by making all of the cards jokes followed by punchlines. This completely eliminates the no good cards problem of these games.

With that said, the reason I choose, “You’re as lost as last year’s Easter egg,” is that it’s such a perfect response in almost any situation. It’s so good I am honestly considering printing out several business cards with that on them so I can hand them to people as needed. This Zen like statement gives pause to even the most ardently stubborn person that I can’t help but marvel at its simplistic perfection.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 13

6 Ghave: Guru of Spores/Magic the Gathering

When I conceived of this list I figured I was going to have to include a card from the granddaddy of all great card games. While Magic the Gathering has given us several amazing cards over the years, and honestly, I could have made an entire list of just magic cards, I choose Ghave for a few reasons. First, the delicate dance of spawning creatures, placing +1/+1 tokens, and sacrificing creatures to empower others gives you several key decisions in game that will separate the grand master from the novice.

The second reason I choose Ghave, is the deep rich back story. Most players don’t delve into the expansive lore of Magic the Gathering and that’s a shame. There is nothing better than reading through Ghave’s tragic origins of a young boy whose parents were gunned down in front of him in Crime Alley on their way home from the opera. Its heart wrenching and I tear up a little just thinking about it here.

I’m going to need a moment before I go on to #5.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 14

4: The 7 of Pink/The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

While all of the cards in the Crew: the Quest for Planet Nine are amazing and there was some debate over whether or not to give the nod to the Four of Rockets I thought back to the many games I’ve played and came to the conclusion that the 7 of Pink is actually the best card in any trick taking game. While you could also argue the 9 of Clubs is of similar importance in Rummy, I think that what the 7 of Pink brings to the game is more dynamically impressive.

The 7 of Pink rests comfortably in the upper middle of the suite and can be used to compliment or combat any strategic movement being used. It’s an excellent card for following up a play in Pink without accidentally stealing it from higher cards, while still being robust enough to use if you must take the lead. Additionally, it’s the perfect lay down card for hinting to your partners what other things might be in your hand. It reveals a solid grasp in a better than middle setting if revealed as your only card, a suite to be avoided if your lowest, and one where you will be only a specific kind of help if dropped as your highest.

The 7 of Pink is an absolutely fabulous card that works in so many situations that it is a must have for any true expert in the genre.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 15

2: The Board Gamer Bystander/Marvel Legendary

There are many people who will argue that there are many better cards in the legendary game than the Bystander, and for the most part I agree. However, this isn’t about any average Bystander, this is about the very specific Board Gamer Bystander card. The Board Gamer lets the player with the most points draw a card. This adds a level of strategy to the game that upends the regular areas of play. Do you have the most points when the Board Gamer comes up? If you do how do you respond? If you rescue them then you get to draw an extra card, but what if you’re wrong and someone else gets to draw the card. Do you worry about when to play and how to manipulate someone else into drawing the card so you can reap the benefit? The level of strategy and complexity this card adds to the game increases the necessary critical thinking in the game and breaks open a world on new strategies and plans.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 16

9: Archery Range/Seven Wonders

I think there are many brilliant cards in Seven Wonders. The Archery Range is absolutely the best. As a second age card it fits into the midgame nicely. It’s a military card which is an often overlooked strategy in the second age. It’s a free build off of the Workshop, the second best card in the game. It moves your strategy along, while securing victory points in the necessary military track, and keeps your opponent on task to compete with you in military.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 17

7: Captain Tightpants/ Firefly Fluxx

I think all right thinking people can agree that Firefly is the best science fiction television series that has ever been created. Because of that, I am unashamed in my inclusion of the Captain Tightpants card from Fluxx. Not only does it give you a solid goal to play for that involves placing two distinct cards in front of you. It allows you to manipulate the game in such a way as to surprise your opponents with a win. I makes perfect sense for a person to try and assemble the best members of the crew. When you place mal and Kaylee most players won’t notice that you’ve set yourself up for a solid win on your next turn.

Certainly it will be tricky to keep these cards in play as other players will be attempting to steal these amazing characters from you. However, with a bit of sly game play and a decent bait card such as Wash you can avoid losing this game winning duo. The necessary strategy and critical thinking to complete this task without drawing attention to yourself is why this card is a worthy inclusion here.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 18

5: Life with Dogs/Nine Tiles Panic

Nine Tiles Panic is a frantic game of rule following and town building. One of the cards, Life with Dogs, forces you to focus on building a town with the most dogs. This card is fantastic. First it gives you a clear goal for the game. However, beyond that it’s a reminder that in life we need to focus on other things. We can get caught up in what we’re doing and move towards a more driven idea of what we think we should be doing. This card reminds us that there are more important things in the world, dogs for example. It gives us a nudge to maybe take a break, step away from the table, and hug a fluffy canine friend. This card is included here because not only does it give us a goal in the game, but a goal in life as well. It makes a better-rounded person.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 19
The reason I chose this card is the level of options and choices found in this one simple card. In Cutterland you’ll be cutting the card and letting the other players choose which piece they’ll add to their tableau. This card offers multiple land types, creatures, and even a fence. You have to cut and choose carefully from this card alone. So many options are given and choices made from this one card that you can’t possibly imagine how you’ll ever make a decent decision. This card in this game will make you learn new ways to think. It teaches you to expand your mind in ways that will only make you a better person moving forward in your life.

People will mock this choice. I understand that there are readers who even now are stumped by the inclusion of this card and this game into this list. However, once you’ve refined you taste and decision making process you will also see how grand a card this is to be included here.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Cards 20

1: My copy of the [SPOILERS]/Betrayal Legacy (Spoiler Free)

The [SPOILERS] is one of the early items added to the game. Its function of giving you [SPOILERS] early campaign and it keeps giving all the way to the end and beyond. It’s also [SPOILERS] which gives it an added incentive to [SPOILERS] on your friends. Sadly, the reason this is the number 1 entry is not only due to its exceptional nature as a card but also because of the history of this card in my game. No other copy of the [SPOILERS] comes with my copies story.

My [SPOILERS] was claimed by my friend John’s [SPOILERS]. The Green player would be able to use [SPOILERS] better than anyone else but it had [SPOILERS]. A thing John worked to avoid. In one game, his wife Allison found the card and John asked her to avoid using [SPOILERS] if at all possible, a request Allison honored; until she couldn’t. The End of the game was approaching and [SPOILERS] every surface of the house. We were coming close to losing and Allison was suddenly met with a choice, use the [SPOILERS] and win the game, or honor John’s request and take a chance that we might lose. She looked at John and said, “I’m sorry honey but I [SPOILERS].” She killed the monster, saved the day, and [SPOILERS] end effect causing the [SPOILERS] and be filled with [SPOILERS].

The reason that my copy of the [SPOILERS] is the best, is because no other [SPOILERS] comes with that story.

Final Thoughts

There you are folks, the end of our list. I hope you now understand why these are the 10 best cards ever produced. Of course this will change, new cards are printed all the time. In one year’s time, who knows, all of these cards might have been surpassed by some upstart newcomer with an eye on glory. However, until then, we’ll just have to accept that these are the best.

So pardon me while I snuff my pipe and finish my cognac. My day has been positively exhausting. For you, I hope I’ve given you something to think about.

Until next time, stay safe and be well.


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