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Hello fellow gamers. I’m sitting in my study thinking upon today’s list. I find the psychology of what color we choose as our player piece to be a fascinating one. I’ve done a significant amount of research on the subject in my spare time and I feel that I have a fairly decent grasp on these sort of things; as an amateur. I dabble.

I took this to the Meeple Gamers collective and we discussed this over our weekly zoom discussion on all things gaming. Best games, prettiest art, acceptable house rules, and the best material from smoking jackets; it is velvet. I opened the topic of player color choices. I was surprised at the pushback on this. Each person had a different opinion on the best color to pick when playing a game. Of course this is pure folly.

After much debate in the halls of our gaming intelligentsia we settled on a few ideas that we felt would standardize these choices from now on. It’s not exactly the list I would have chosen but I find it acceptable. Of course you’re always free to make your own determinations, and they don’t have to be exactly the same as ours. Many people enjoy being wrong.

With that said, let me ready my pipe, top off my snifter with brandy, and let’s begin.

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#10 Brown

We start our list with Brown. Steadfast, stalwart Brown. The color of the earth and nature. Brown is a solid color and represents the player who focuses on hard work, and earnest choices. They may never chose the flashy or bold strategy, but live by the motto of the tortoise. The slow, methodical, and safer options will yield victory in the end. While they may not win every round, if the game goes on long enough, they will find victory in a small steady stream of points.
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#8 Yellow

The ray of sunshine that is the Yellow player. Bright and happy, always smiling at their opponents through even the worst of situations. While the Yellow player is there to win just as we all are they take a more congenial attitude. The yellow player is always happy, always smiling. It doesn’t matter if they’re winning by hefty bit of points or have fallen into a chasm of defeat so deep that they couldn’t climb out of it by combining the scores of their last two matches. The Yellow player is always smiling and laughing. They’ll tell you what a great move you’ve made as you wipe their last piece off the board and truly mean it every time.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Player Colors 14

#6 Green

Outwardly similar to Yellow players, Greens are often friendly and smiling. However, while Yellow are being genuinely friendly, Greens are simply trying to hide the mind of a ruthless, diabolical, near psychopathic strategist. Green players are the most devious players gaming has ever produced. Green player’s minds are always pointed towards victory by the utter destruction of all who have chosen to stand against them. Every game is a new chance to unveil a new jibe or gamble. Green players will give you a formidable opponent all the while feigning good fortune or surprise at how well a point dividend paid out. However, deep down, behind a crooked smile made of fangs, they’ll know exactly what they had been doing.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Player Colors 15

#4 Red

Speed is often associated with Red players. These are the ones trying to reach the end as quickly as possible. They want to go the furthest, be the first across the line, or hit the highest total as quickly as possible. They look to accomplish as much as possible in a given game. If it’s a race they will always chose the fastest option, if it’s goal oriented then they’ll try to accomplish the quickest ones in an effort to finish the most, and if it’s a point salad then they’ll dabble in as many different varieties as possible. Red opponents are dangerous to any long term strategy as they will often finish the game before a long game plan can get truly moving; even if it’s the way they are playing. With a red player you need to be weary of their need to go faster and do more or the game will end as you’re just getting started.
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#2 Pink

Pink players are the most confident. It takes someone with a real sense of self to choose Pink as a player color. Slightly muted, not as bold as the other colors but still rare enough to stand out Pink is often mocked as a color of weaker players. However, if you just pay a slight amount of attention you will see that Pink players often command the table. They move with authority, roll dice with verve, and play car with the easy confidence of someone in full control of themselves. The mistaken view of their “weakness” comes from their lack of rising to the challenge. They feel no need to defend themselves but instead to let the score at the end of the game speak volumes about their abilities.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Player Colors 17

#9 Orange

Bright and obtrusive, the orange player beckons their opponent’s towards them. It’s why so few publishers use Orange as an option because it evokes a sense of wrongness in other players that we seek it out to destroy it. However, this is exactly the spot Orange players want to find themselves. The color orange is for players who seek conflict on their own terms. They set themselves up to be the target of aggression. They play at defense while laying a cunning trap for their foes. Oh yes, the Orange player will feign a position of weakness and vulnerability all the while holding one last trick up their sleeve to assure victory when they are inevitably attacked.
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#7 Violet

Violet players are a social lot. They tend to spend their game time with idle chatter and tall tales. They are incessant in their unending stream of chatter. One could easily confuse them for casual gamers by the total lack of outward concentration. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Violet players often hold keen minds that keep their conversations compartmentalized. They are often so focused on solving several problems that the conversation actually helps focus their minds on the game and bury all of the white noise of their outside thoughts. It’s easy to underestimate the violet player as they seem to be paying no attention at all. But be warned, behind that wall of nonsense is a brutal strategist who has been thinking six to eight moves ahead and just watching for you to make that one mistake that will spell your end.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Player Colors 19

#5 Sea Foam

Players who choose Sea Foam as their color are often described as serene. These players move through the game seemingly allowing the whims of fate, the other players, or even random chance to push them forward. However if you look more closely the Sea Foam player is often misunderstood. They tend toward more innovative strategies. A Sea Foam player is always trying something new work a different goal or method to secure victory. Sea Foam players find success not in a victory for the session but in learning a new viable way to win. Sea Foam players will spend months learning the ins and outs of a given game before becoming satisfied they had mastered all of its victory conditions and strategies before moving on to the next puzzle.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Player Colors 20

#3 Blue

The Blue player is often seen as the peace maker. They work to see that everyone is having the best possible game. This often manifests as them offering tips, strategies, and advice to other players. They tend to be the player that teaches the game to ensure that everyone at the table has the best time possible. They want all of the players to do well and have a close game. Due to this, Blue players are often held up as bastions of sportsmanship and fairness. Many are frequently welcomed at different tables with warm smiles. Several board game streamers are actually Blue players frequently working in front of the camera to encourage others to join them at the table and have some fun.
The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Best Player Colors 21

#1 Black

Finally we arrive at the best player color, Black. Players who choose Black as their color are supremely skilled in their game play choices. In fact, Black players often originated as one of the other choices and have simply moved to playing Black after mastering themselves and their opponents. Much like the Ninjas of old Black players are skillful opponents who should be feared. They move quickly, come from behind, and strike when you least expect it. They are deadly to even the most aware opponent and honestly, should be feared when taking them on.

From experience I know there will be a few among you who think that white Ninjas are more skilled shouldn’t White be the best player color? No, this list is about the color you choose and Ninjas never chose White, it is resented to them as a sign of respect. Even then players who have actually earned the right to play White will.

And for that one guy in the back with his hand up about Red Ninja’s…That’s a comic book thing, leave Electra out of this.

Until Next Time.

There you have it folks. The Discerning Gamers Top 10 Player Colors. I hope you found some insight in it. In fact let me know in the comment what color you prefer. As for me, I’m off to give myself a bit of an evening. The time is late and my game group should be meeting soon. I look forward to a spirited game.

Have a good night. Until next time, stay safe and be well.

And in case you were wondering, I choose Violet.


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