Tiny Towns – AEG – Preview


“I am so totally a Tiny Townee. ”

Publisher: AEG

Designer: Peter McPherson

Artist: Matt Paquette

Artist: Gong Studios

Game Type: City Building, Resource Management, Abstract

Initial Year of Release: 2019

Age Range: 14+

Expected Playtime: 45-60 mins

Number of Players: 1-6

Tiny Towns - AEG - Preview 1

Theme and What is it?

You are the Mayor. The mayor of a town that does not yet exist. How does this happen you may ask… 

Well, firstly… it is a board game. Beyond that, the idea is that you are building the game together with your neighboring towns being built at the same time.

You are ultimately building the best Tiny Town(s).

Tiny Towns - AEG - Preview 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Each round, a player will call a resource such as stone, glass or wood. You will place this on the board, using the guide the buildings give you, to build in the same pattern. 

When you have built a pattern upon a card, you may exchange it for a building. Once a player can no longer place any resources, the game ends. You now tally your score, the winner will be the person with the most victory points (this phrase is a pet peeve of mine, yet I cannot find a better way to describe it most of the time.) 

Tiny Towns - AEG - Preview 3

Initial Impressions

Tiny Towns, looks great on the table, and in the box. 

It made me want to at least give it a go. Does it stand up to scrutiny?

Tiny Towns - AEG - Preview 4

Game Build Quality

The game has a lot of laser cut wood. I expect the cost was significant. With that being said, it looks great. 

The cardboard is nice and functional. The scoresheet is standard paper. I would like to see a scoring app, this is becoming more and more common, though seems to not be the standard as yet.

Tiny Towns - AEG - Preview 5

Artistic Direction

The art and symbolism is great. It does not scream ARTTTTT, but also fits very well with the theme. 

The symbolism is great, and very easy to understand. I am a fan of how simple the art is, yet how functional it also is, while still remaining fun.

Tiny Towns - AEG - Preview 6

Fun Factor

I personally love abstract games. The theme in this game, almost makes it not abstract. 

The key word in that phrase, is almost. It still is very much an abstract game. Some people have an adversity to abstracts, just like they do to games with dice. 

I do not suffer from that affliction, I think this game cuts through the abstract hurdle nicely.

Tiny Towns - AEG - Preview 7

Age Range & Weight

14+. The game is rated for higher level teenagers and above. Though normally I fight these ratings, in Tiny Towns, I do not. 

The reason is simple, this game requires much abstract thought, and needs to be thought out rounds in advance. Think about how many young chess players you know. They are obviously around, but generally speaking an anomaly. I think 14+ is generally perfect.

Tiny Towns - AEG - Preview 8


Tiny Towns is fun, and vibrant. It should be noted that while I think the theme is great for this sort of abstract, any theme could have been used to equal measure. 

One thing I like very well is that each game is different depending on the setup, and the monument cards given out at the beginning. The game has nearly infinite combinations of how it will proceed in any given situation. 

Are you sold on Tiny Towns?

I am so totally a Tiny Townee. 


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