Tofu Kingdom by Blue Orange Games Review


Tofu Kingdom by Blue Orange Games Review 1

Publisher: Blue Orange Games

Game Type: Social Deduction Party Game

Designer: Kuraki Mura

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Etienne Hebinger

Theme and What is it?

The Royal Palace in Tofu Kingdom is full of intrigue and deception. Prince Mochi has travelled from a distant land to marry his true love, Princess Tofu. Queen Tofu has other plans and wants to marry the Prince herself. She disguises Princess Tofu and tells the prince he must find his true love. But the prince must be careful, he only gets one pick and whomever he chooses, becomes his bride!

Each player is assigned a role in the castle. The person assigned Prince Mochi must seek out and find Princess Tofu. Sounds easy right? Not so fast! The castle is full of Tofu Characters with only their own interests in mind. But not all hope is gone for the two love birds, there are still those who remain loyal to the Prince and want to see true love survive!

Tofu Kingdom by Blue Orange Games Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Tofu Kingdom is a deduction and logic party game full of trickery. Each player is assigned one character card from the characters in the castle. Each character card has a symbol of loyalty which allows the character to tell the truth, lie, or have the choice to either tell the truth or tell a lie. The player acting as Prince Mochi is then allowed to ask each player one question, from a short list of approved questions, in order to deduce which player is Princess Tofu. After each player has given their answer, the Prince then has one final question he can ask to any player. Once all questions have been answered, Prince Mochi selects which player he believes is Princess Tofu in hopes of finding his true love.

Tofu Kingdom by Blue Orange Games Review 3

Initial Impressions

After playing Tofu Kingdom a few times I can tell you it is hard to be Prince Mochi. Just when you think you have found your Princess, you are totally wrong! The limited number of questions and the possible lies given from multiple players, make finding the Princess an extreme challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I didn’t care if I didn’t guess right, I laughed a lot and loved the challenge!

Tofu Kingdom by Blue Orange Games Review 4

Game Build Quality

Tofu Kingdom comes in a small carrying case that is perfect to take anywhere. The case is sturdy which is a huge perk for those impromptu games at restaurants, standing in lines or even just sitting at home. The role cards and soybean tokens are made out of high quality cardboard and it comes with directions, as well as a separate manual which tells the back story of Tofu Kingdom.

Artistic Direction

There aren’t many pieces to the game, each character is unique, different and colorful. Every character’s head is some type of tofu. The artwork is really cute and creative! Even though there aren’t many pieces to the game, the detail is fun to look at and the characters are charming.

Tofu Kingdom by Blue Orange Games Review 5

Fun Factor

Tofu Kingdom had a very high fun factor for my gaming group. The rounds were very intense and when Prince Mochi made his choice, all the pent up energy was released in waves of cheering and laughter. In the three games we played, Princess Tofu was picked correctly only twice…each time to great celebration! The game is full of giggles and confusion and you are happy whether you win or lose.

Tofu Kingdom by Blue Orange Games Review 6

Age Range & Weight

Tofu Kingdom is listed as 10+ for an age range. I do feel that players need to be old enough to have strong poker faces and a good memory. The amount of deception that needs to happen in order for the game to be really challenging may be hard for younger players.


If you need a quick and easy party game that can be played just about anywhere, at anytime then Tofu Kingdom would be a great pickup. The traveling case is great and the minimal pieces make it easy to play, no matter where you are. The rounds move at a very nice pace and can also be very suspenseful. The player assigned Prince Mochi has a tough task of making the correct choice, especially when playing with some seasoned liars!

This is probably the only way that I will ever enjoy Tofu!


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