Tomatomato – Oink! Games – Preview


Publisher: Oink! Games

Game Type: Mispronunciation Games

Designer: Taisei Kato

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Jun Sasaki

Theme and What is it?

You will lay cards out, and say them in order, or in reverse order depending on which is the last card to be laid. It is as simple as it gets

Gameplay Mechanics

There is not a lot of extra ideas in this game, it is to see how fast someone can mess up the words. Simple, ridiculous.

Initial Impressions

I am inclined to like Oink! Games since I fell in love with Deep Sea Adventure. I had no idea what to expect here after picking this up at GenCon, but knew it was interesting. The folks at Oink told me they did not know if they would bring the title to the USA. It therefore immediately piqued my interests.

Game Build Quality

Oink games seem to used one super simple principle, fun is not based on size. Their formula seems nearly bullet proof. It just works. The cards here and die are all the game needs, and they are built to exacting standards to fit into their small box. Built to the umpteenth degree, like all of Oink Games.

Artistic Direction

A game that is based off of tomato and potato art, just seems silly. It is very reminiscent of Andy Warhol art. Simple clean lines that get the job done. I’m a fan.

Fun Factor

This is where the game might differ in different hands. The vowels in the game are built on Japanese vowels, much like latin vowels, Ah, Eh, EEEE, O and EWWW. This works perfectly in Japanese and something like Spanish, but my English only friends had a bit of a hard time with the vowels, and thus with the game.

Age Range & Weight

6+. The age range is perfect. Played it about 100 times with my 6 year old daughter. She got it, and loved it.


I fell in love with this game. It was simple and charming. I can see why the publisher doesn’t know if it would be popular in USA, I had some of the same issues they had with people who were not familiar with the Latin vowels. I think the game has some staying power, and will sell well for Oink for MANY years to come, but I can also see that it might be in markets other than the USA. For me, it will sit on my shelf next to my other Oink Games, and will reside there happily for the foreseeable future. Thanks Oink!


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