Tomb of Annihilation by WizKids: Painting Poorly – Velociraptor


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Clever Girl…


Welcome back, Meeple Gamers! Or should I say, Meeple PAINTERS!

I’ve got another painting tutorial coming at you from Tomb of Annihilation, and it’s one that is pretty simple, but will exercise those painting muscles: The Velociraptor.

Painting Poorly: with Mike Oldham

Tomb of Annihilation by WizKids: Painting Poorly - Velociraptor 1

The Velociraptor is fairly straightforward paint job, really only two colors in his basecoat, however, this guy is SMALL. Like, REALLY SMALL, so it’s a good way to practice those brush techniques, because just like with the Warded Skeleton before him, there are a few of this guy, so you can keep trying.

1. Gameplan, Prep, and Prime

So, for my inspiration for the velociraptor is going to look pretty familiar to anyone who’s been to the movies in the past two decades or so…

Tomb of Annihilation by WizKids: Painting Poorly - Velociraptor 2

While I could have gone with the classic look from the original 1992 classic, I felt the strip of blue that is on the alpha raptor from the Jurassic World series would add a nice pop.

So, with that in mind, I’ve assembled the following colors:

Tomb of Annihilation by WizKids: Painting Poorly - Velociraptor 3

Only two paints today, and both come from Target, running about $2 a piece. They call it Driftwood, but it’s really a dark tan/light brown, and the blue is Cobalt, but it’s more like a mix between royal blue and navy blue.

Wherever you get them, some combination of these colors will serve you well.


Again, I’ve primed with Matt White by The Army Painter, because it’s the best primer out there, and we’re ready to start basecoats!

2. Basecoats

Just a quick reminder to thin all of your paints 50/50 with water. You can find a more in depth explanation about this on my blog.


Starting off with your dark tan/light brown, simply paint over the entire figure. Give it a nice strong coat, and you might need to add multiple coats to get a nice even layer, but if you do, make sure to wait until the previous coat is completely dry before adding another.


After that, you’ll be using the cobalt blue and your detail brush to paint a thin line that runs from the raptor’s eye all the way to the tip of its tail. Do this on both sides of the raptor, and try to make the stripes get a little thicker when they run along the torso, but make sure you leave the actual back of the raptor painted tan.

That’s it! Only two steps for basecoating! Once that’s all dry, we move onto shading.

3. Shading

Again, just like my primer, there are only a few things that I spend a good amount of money on that i find are worth it, and washes and shaders fall into that category.

Tomb of Annihilation by WizKids: Painting Poorly - Velociraptor 4

Just like last time, we’re only going to be using Strong Tone by The Army Painter.

Strong Tone is a DARK dark brown wash, almost black, and it gives really good coloring and depth for simulating bone.


Apply the strong tone to the entirety of the raptor. Make sure you get good coverage of its entire body, so that it fills all of the creases and grooves, but is not pooling in any flat areas.

Wait for this to dry, then it’s off to HIGHLIGHTS!

4. Highlights and Finishing Touches

Been pretty easy so far, huh? Well, to misquote Samuel L. Jackson, hold onto your butts, it’s about to get hairy.


Taking our detail brush and our light brown/dark tan, we’ll be highlighting the corresponding areas on the raptor. These areas include the ridges on the top of his head, his cheek, the side of his neck, his leg muscles, his rib cage, the front of his hands, and his back. Basically all of the raised detail, or anywhere that is lighter than the areas that were darkened by the strong tone.

It’s not that this part is particularly complicated, it’s simply that those details are TEENY TINY. Don’t worry if you paint some of the darkened areas, you can always apply more strong tone and try again.


You can also highlight the blue if you like. Simply take your cobalt blue and draw an even thinner stripe at the top of your original blue stripe, close to the back. This is completely optional, but I found it gave a nice pop to the blue.


The next SUPER optional thing I did was to add a TEENY TINY dot of red for his eyes, but eyes are VERY DIFFICULT and you can get away with not doing them. Check out my blog entry on Finishing Touches for more details.

5. Don’t Get Jurass Kicked!

Tomb of Annihilation by WizKids: Painting Poorly - Velociraptor 5

And with that, this teeny tiny terrible thunder lizard is ready to go! Base it however you like, spray it with your matt spray, and get those suckers in the dungeon!

Hopefully you found this helpful, and you can always find all of my tutorials on my blog and make sure you keep checking in here at MeepleGamers and on my blog because there will be new tutorials for Tomb of Annihilation posted on a bi-weekly basis! Until next time, Adventurers!

Painting Poorly: with Mike Oldham


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