Top 10 Games to Play when Stuck at Home


We’re all stuck at home and need something to take our minds off everything going on.

There’s a lot of reasons not to leave your house right now. If it’s by choice, circumstance, or government mandate you might be at home looking for a great game to play. Maybe you’ve got some family with you, friends online, or you’re alone with a couple of hours to kill. Here’s a list of games we’ve assembled for any situation we could come up with.

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Top 10 Games to Play when Stuck at Home 2

Educational Games

However, what if you want your kids to pick up something while you play? Maybe you want to give them a new lesson that helps supplement the education that you are now in charge of. Maybe you want to sneak in a little bit of knowledge disguised as fun, or maybe they’re really into a particular topic that you want to help impart any new information to them. Teaching games or games with a bit of real-world knowledge hidden in their mechanisms are where we go to next.

If you want something historically significant, then there’s Watergate and Twilight Struggle are really solid two-player experiences. However, if you have more kids, then you might want to look at Freedom: the Underground Railroad for how it handles a deeply dark time in history. For lighter fare, there’s Timeline, Wingspan, and Evolution. We could honestly list anything from Genius Games, but for this list, we chose just one and went with Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game.

Genius Games is a company that is dedicated to producing STEM board games and books that help educate and entertain their players. Cytosis is a worker placement game that focuses on how Cells work. You’ll place workers to generate resources, gather goal cards, and purchase health/points cards to see who wins. The game was developed with the help of doctors, scientists, and a number of people more knowledgeable than I. It focuses on teaching the basic functions of a cell while still being fun. Cytosis is a great teaching game.

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Top 10 Games to Play when Stuck at Home 8

Campaign Games

Maybe one day isn’t enough. Maybe you need something a bit more involved. The kind of game you keep coming back for. Then you’re looking at campaign games. Of course the biggest drawback to a campaign game is needing to get the same group of people back together again. With the current conditions that is no longer a problem.

It then comes down to what sort of campaign do you want? If you want sprawling maps and exploration, then you’ll want to look at Lord of the Rings: Journey’s in Middle Earth and 7th Continent. Want a hardcore dungeon crawler? Then you’re looking for Descent, its sister from space Imperial Assault, or Middara. Looking for something a bit more story-driven? Then you’ll want to look at Holding On or Near and Far. There’s always the granddaddy of them all, Dungeons & Dragons or any one of hundreds of other role play games.
Although I couldn’t have come up with a better campaign game than Gloomhaven.

The 25-pound box of story, mystery, and adventure that is Gloomhaven is a perfect fit here. You’re a small band of mercenaries in the frontier town of Gloomhaven. You’ll use a map to choose where you want to go, a huge book of missions to see what happens when you get there, and an evolving story that moves forward with every decision. The game uses a unique card-driven combat system and randomization method that keeps you feeling like you’ll always have a chance. Your characters gain experience and retire. The game is fantastic and filled with tons of fun surprises including a series of character classes that only unlock as you play. Gloomhaven is a fantastic campaign game.

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Top 10 Games to Play when Stuck at Home 9

Remote Gaming

Of course, these are all games that require having people already in your home. What if you don’t have that option? What if you, like me, you’re caught with folks who don’t play games and need to find alternate methods to connect with your game group? That’s where some really good remote gaming come in handy.

Interesting party game like Snake Oil, Crappy Birthday, and the previously mentioned Funemployed are great for a google hangout. You can pull up something a bit more system generated like the Jackbox Collection, heck they even have a video that walks you through using it through Hangout. You can even run to the more recent Forgotten Waters which just released a remote play feature for the app assistant that goes with the game. For me however, I think the best choice for remote gaming is to head over to roll20 and play an RPG. There are many to choose but I’m going to recommend Quest.

It’s fair to say that not everyone will be fans of Roleplay games and I understand that. I also understand if you already play an RPG and want to stick with that one. However, if you are new to RPG’s, interested in trying one out, and worried about how to start or how to manage the complicated systems that an RPG sometimes brings to the table then Quest is the answer. Quest is a fantastic little game designed to bring new players into the hobby and teach them everything they need to play. The book is charming all the way from the art to the word choices. You can pick up a PDF relatively cheap and get started right away with a single D20 for each player or a dice rolling app if none are available. It leans towards a straight fantasy setting, but gives you everything you need to craft your own. It’s worth a look, and honestly, it’s the only time a book has ended by thanking me for reading and I actually think it meant it.

Well, folks, that’s our list. I hope you enjoyed it and had tons of fun stopping by and seeing what we think about this topic. I’d love to hear any suggestions you have for any of our options or choices. Did we miss anything? What would you add? Leave a comment below or come on over to our Discord and chat there.

Until next time; stay safe and be well.


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