Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic


Let’s Kick This Off

If the experts are to be believed we are reaching the end of it all. The vaccines are heading out and we may soon be able to spend time in the presence of others. I don’t know how the rest of you have been doing but this past year has been rough for me. I haven’t done anything for around a year. I’m a health risk and I take care of my grandmother who just turned 97. I have avoided people outside of my immediate family.

I’ve managed some gaming. My family has humored me with a couple of game days here and there. My regular game group has met nearly once a week in Table Top Simulator to play different games.

Still, I’m ready to see faces again. I want to be at a table with people. I miss people.

With all of that said, I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days and here’s a list of the top 10 things I want to do after the pandemic is over.

Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 12

Go to a convention.

Even before this last year it had been a long time since I’d gone to a convention. Partly money but mostly my health. I’m not in great shape. I’m trying to get better. Before everything I was walking about ¾ a mile three to four times a week. Since, not so much. I’m trying again, with varying levels of success. However, I hope to make 1 convention this year. I want to go for at least one day and walk around, play a demo or two, and just be there. I used to go to two or three cons a year. The last one I attended was the CMoN Expo in Atlanta. I had such a great weekend. I want to do that again.
Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 13

Play some Malifaux

I used to belong to a regular Thursday night league. I love Malifaux and have been playing the card based miniatures game with the fantasy, steampunk, gothic, Victorian, wuxia, Lovecraftian, hillbilly, and western themes. I’ve been playing the very cowboy centric Guild faction since I got involved all the way back in 1st edition all those years ago. I look forward to flipping fate for the Santiago clan in the near future.
Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 14

Play Wonderlands War

I say Wonderlands War because I’m looking forward to the interesting bag building area control game set in a post story books Wonderland. The game, the pieces, all of it looks amazing. I’m excited to get it in the mail and touch all of the bits. However, I could have listed a lot of things here. Every year after Christmas, I would get together with friends and we would play stuff we got for the holidays. Any new Kickstarter would hit the table. Birthday or Unbirthday presents would get pulled out for our enjoyment. I miss that. I want it back. When I get it back, Wonderlands War will be one of the first games to drop on the table in all of its poker chipped glory. (Yes, I backed the deluxe edition).
Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 15

Return to Star Trek Adventures

My group was just starting a Star Trek Adventures campaign. I was having such fun. I really like the game, the mechanics, and the setting. I’m a Trek fan. I love Trek. We have played a couple of times online, but it’s just not the same. Plus we were in the process of learning the game and doing that online is just difficult. We’ve agreed to put it on hold until we can all be in the same room and can all work it out together. Until then, I’m looking forward to seeing the crew of the science vessel, the USS T’Pol, take flight again.
Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 16

Finish Gloomhaven

To be fair, we’ve been playing this one online. Our in person campaign was interrupted by the pandemic and we found a way to play online. We’ve been advancing the campaign and working our way towards the end. With Frosthaven coming out this year we want to be ready to start that one as well. Pandemic is a massive dungeon crawler with a unique card based combat system. The story evolves over time, with dozens of boxes to open and things to discover. I’m very excited about this game and what comes next. Heck after almost two years I think we found the first piece of the end game recently and I’m excited to see what comes next.
Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 17

Play Chronicles of Crime with my friends

A friend in my game group owns Chronicles of Crime. It’s a nice sitting room mystery game with a wonderful app integration for exploring the crime scenes and the rest of the story. I love games like Consulting Detective and Escape but this was special. We were slowly working our way through the story. We’d started both Welcome to Redview and the core set. I really like the game. I enjoy mysteries in general and it was fun to play through those and see how clever we were. Also in the past few months I won the first of the Millennium trilogy and would like to get that to the table.
Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 18

Play some non-solo Marvel Champion

I did this twice. I got the game two Christmas’ ago and really like it. I’ve even picked up a couple of the extra heroes. I’ve played it solo and done okay. I’m batting in the 200’s. I like this game and how it lays with more characters. I like that every hero gets a role and cards that fit into their deck to support that role. These are mixed with their own personal cards and give you a nice tight deck. I haven’t tried the deck building yet. I’m trying to keep it as easy to play with others right now, but one day hope to deck build. I enjoy how all of the villains feel unique. They have their own mechanics, themes, henchmen, and missions. Everything feels like Marvel. I like feeling like the Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. I like being a hero.
Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 19

Play Super Fantasy Brawl

I like miniatures games. I have for a very long time. My favorite one of them all is an old Upper Deck game called World of Warcraft Minis. I loved this game. While SFB isn’t a one for one comparison I get a lot of the same vibes off of it. You make a team of three gladiators for an eclectic collection, send them into the arena, and battle over points. You can get those points by defeating the other team’s models, but the real way to win is by completing objectives. That is an interplay I miss. I’m looking forward to playing.
Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 20

Pandemic Legacy Season 0

I love legacy games; my family has generously been playing through Clank Legacy with me. I love the Pandemic Legacy games. I’ve played through the first two seasons with the same people and we’re all waiting to be together to play through season 0. I’m excited to see how the game plays out and the story. I really enjoy the stories in these games, and can’t wait to see how it all begins. I’ve also avoided learning how to play the game so I can’t really say a lot here. Just that if you like Pandemic, you’ll probably enjoy this.
Top 10 Things to do After the Pandemic 21

Taking Part in the Extra Life Marathon

My favorite thing to do every year is the 24 hour Extra Life marathon. I adore this thing. It’s a fun event that helps raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It lets me do some good in my community, spend 24 hours playing games with friends, and just relax and enjoy myself. Yes it’s a ton of work and I’m exhausted for two days afterwards. I am more proud of what I’ve done through this marathon than anything else I’ve ever done.
I didn’t get to do it last year. My family came by and we played games for a couple of hours, but it just wasn’t the same. It was really great that they did that but it was still just a little bit empty. I’m looking forward to doing it again this year.

Final Thoughts

That’s everything folks. The whole ball of fun. It’s been a rough year, and I’m hoping we get to start back in on all the fun things that we didn’t get to do until now. Even this list is just a small portion of things I want to do. I’ve missed so much over the past year, my Memorial Day BBQ, Holidays, restaurants, friends, and I could keep going on.

If you have anything you want to vent about missing then I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to. Drop a comment below and tell us some stuff you can’t wait to do.

Until next time, stay safe and be well.


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