Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018


Every few weeks, as time allowed, my niece, sister,
and mom would come over and we’d play.

Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018 1

9: Finishing SeaFall:

My gaming group finished SeaFall. It took us slightly under a year and we had fun playing it. I loved the story and the sense of adventure the game brought. I enjoyed how it felt to discover new islands, plot points, and new things that opened the possibilities to so much speculation. There are problems with that game. It took us four or five attempts to get the end condition for example. There was also a very bad typo in our version that caused the end of the game to leave us confused until we were able to work it out. I watched Rob Daviau talk about the missteps in SeaFall and with what he knows now, I’d love to try a season 2.

Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018 2

8: Going to a KeyForge release tournament:

I love going to tournaments. Historically, I’m not very good at them. I still love taking part. Getting to play in the pre-release event for KeyForge at Epic Loot Games in Centerville was so much fun. I got to play a great new game, meet some new people, and I even got streamed on Twitch for one of my matches. The game is a bunch of fun and I recommend giving it a try if you think you might like it. I hope to be able to go take part in more tournaments, thus far time has been my enemy and I’ve missed any that have been held in my area. However, 2019 is just starting so we never know what I’ll have to say next year.

Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018 3

7: Writing for MeepleGamers:

In the middle of November I got a reminder that I’d been writing for Meeple Gamers for a year. In that year I’ve written fifty-two articles, mostly reviews. I’ve played great fun games and some real clunkers. I’ve gotten introduced to so many other great writers. I think that’s the best part, the people. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all of the people.

Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018 4

6: Playing all of Pandemic Season 2:

My friends John and Allison bought Pandemic Legacy Season 1 back when it came out and we played through it and had a blast. They picked up Season 2 and invited me back to continue the trip. We managed to get through the entire story in around a year. We finished the whole thing out a couple of days before the New Year. It was great. I loved the twists and turns the story took. The whole thing was tense and exciting. That last game and the victory we barely squeaked out had me wired for a couple of hours after the game ended. The whole thing was fantastic. If you haven’t played either one I recommend giving them a go.

Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018 5

5: Extra Life Make Over:

In 2017 I took part in the Extra Life Gaming Marathon. As part of that I raised $600. Because I reached that amount of money I allowed myself to be given a makeover. I posted a survey and let people vote on the type of makeover I would receive. For one evening, I placed myself in the hands of several of my friends who covered me with glitter and eyeshadow. It was a great night. I owe a ton to Mia, Amberly, Tom, and Arron who came over and helped me fulfill my promise. It was an absolutely amazing evening even if I was blindfolded for a portion of it.

Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018 6

4: Playing Twilight Imperium on John’s Birthday:

I love big epic games. The problem is that I don’t ever really have time for them. Mostly because they are big and epic and long. So very very long. That said when I get a chance to play one I just really enjoy the experience. For my friend John’s birthday his wife set up a day for a couple of us to get together and play Twilight Imperium 4th edition. The whole experience was amazing. John had made a bunch of bits for the game with his 3D printer. We spent time before we played learning the rules and watching how to play videos so we could all hit the ground running. The game itself is great and I had so much fun getting trounced in intergalactic politics. I would absolutely do this again.

Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018 7

3: Playing Gloomhaven on my Birthday:

I love Gloomhaven. I have a group that meets and we play every couple of weeks or so. The game is the right amount of thinking and luck. The strategy is fun and I love the progression. For my birthday this year I took a page from Shut Up and Sit Down. During their review of the game they called Gloomhaven the perfect rainy Sunday game to stay in and play a couple of maps with some tea and friends. I went for it. I put meatballs in the crockpot, invited them over, and we spent the whole Saturday playing through a couple of scenarios. It was a great day. It also came in the middle of a point where I was having a couple of bad weeks so it really hit home how nice it was to just play a game without anything else to worry about. I’m really thankful to the lot of them.

Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018 8

2: The Extra Life Marathon:

I’ve participated in the Extra-Life Marathon six years at this point and it is one of the most rewarding, fun, and incredible things I get to do every year. This year was no different. I raised $426.78 for the Dayton Children’s Hospital. I played games with my friends for twenty-four straight hours. I had some folks from Meeple Gamers show up. The whole day was great. I can’t wait to do it again this year. If you get a chance I recommend you take part. It’s probably the most rewarding thing I do every year.

Top 9 Gaming Experiences of 2018 9

1: Playing Charterstone with Family:

My family doesn’t typically like to play board games. We’ll try the occasional game of Monopoly or Clue and that’s where we tend to end up. It’s what it is and there’s nothing wrong with it. My Niece likes board games and I’ll play with her from time to time. I introduced them to Charterstone. Every few weeks, as time allowed, my niece, sister, and mom would come over and we’d play. Every time we got together was sort of a small event. We’d get pizza and snacks. We’d sit around the table and play. My niece got so into the game that she got angry that I got to make the final decision. Mostly because I didn’t choose the path she wanted. I look back over the year and the thing that makes me smile the most is those few weekend afternoons where I got to sit around a table with my family and build my own charter.

That’s 2018. I’m looking forward to 2019 and what it brings. I’d love to hear what you did last year. Leave a comment down below. That said, you folks have a happy new year.


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