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With the recent announcement of games based on Among Us, Monster Hunter World, and Sea of thieves along with so many others over the past few years I started thinking about what other pc/console games I’d love to see on my table top and how would I like them to play.

I’m really trying to not pick games that have already been brought to the table, so games like Bioshock which came out a while ago but since they’ve had their shot I’m going to try and focus on games that deserve a chance. I’m also focusing on board and card games. My list of computer games that need to be turned into pen and paper RPG’s is different, and I may take a crack at that one later on.

Also, I would love to know which games you think should be on the list, drop a comment below, head over to our discord, or let us know on social media. We want to hear your answers too. If we get enough I might even put together a commenters list later on.

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Control is a fun, dark game that takes place in the Oldest House the home for the Bureau of Control. It’s a mix of X-Files, Warehouse 13, and the Liberians. You play Jesse Fayden who’s entered the building for the first time during an attack by the mysterious Hiss. Over the course of the game you uncover some of the mysteries of the house, recruit allies, and arm yourself with amazing powers and weapons.

I think Control could work on table top by not making the players take on the roles of characters in the game but new agents joining the Bureau. Using a mixture of storytelling, exploration, and combat you could have a pretty good game. Especially if you added a campaign mode; though it would work as a series of one off missions.

Take the exploration from a game like Betrayal at the House on the Hill mixed with a bit of Warhammer Quest could make for a pretty fun experience. Especially if you put a mystery book like Betrayal to give every game a different Objects of Power for the players to encounter. Mixing these elements could give the game a good flow and be a lot of fun.
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In case you’ve never heard of Diablo, it’s an old school dungeon looter from Blizzard. The game features up to four players delving deep into various dungeons and planes to fight against the forces of ultimate evil. You get loot, upgrade weapons, pick new skills, and fight giant bosses. Diablo is a top down game that inspired the “looter shooter” genre of games where you go into a level play through, get better equipment, and go through again.

As a table top game this is pretty straight forward. It’s go in, fight the monsters, survive, and get loot. It’s a nice quick beer and pretzels game that just hits a nice fun evening. It also would feature some iconic boss monsters that would make amazing miniatures, Go look up pictures of Diablo and the Butcher and think about how they’d look as tabletop minis.

This could be one of the easiest crossovers I came up with. It would work great as almost any dungeon crawler but I’d love to see it skinned onto Shadows of Brimstone. It does a good job of simulating over land travel, gives you fun crowd fights, and excellent boss monster battles. It also handles stepping from one dimension to another mid adventure really well. Sure, it would be nice to have a story and I do love playing through the Diablo story arcs and seeing what’s going on with all the characters and towns. However, I once I get through it the first time it’s all about running the end game and just going through random rifts to gear up and wreck house for a couple of hours with my friends.
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Fortnite: Save the World

While I’ll admit that the Battle Royal mode of Fortnite has taken the principal attention for the game, I originally fell in love with the Save the World mode. I still play it too. Save the World is a base building and defense mode where players search a map for resources, weapons, and traps. They take those supplies and gather around the mission’s objective and build a base. The base features any traps and materials they gathered and takes into account the area they’re building around. Once the base is constructed, the players can trigger the end fight and a horde of undead called husks in the game rush the base in waves. Players have to defend and repair the base while dealing with husks in increasing number and power level.

I think this game could work really well as a combination of exploration, tower defense, and rush game. Have the players do a quick abstract hunt phase where they gather resources by using special abilities from a randomized deck. The deck can be influenced by what type of terrain they’re in from dessert to forest, the type of terrain from city to wilderness, and the type of mission from defend to deliver the payload. Once they’ve finished the resource phase, they can place defenses on a minis based combat map, that include walls, weapons, and traps, then they enter into the meat of the game horde rush minis experience.

I’m honestly surprised the Epic games hasn’t teamed up with CMoN to take a riff on the Zombicide engine for this. The mini’s would look fantastic, the Zombicide combat rules would work pretty well, the different character abilities would fit into the game pretty well, and the number of player minis would be massive based entirely on the in game skins. The only drawback to this plan is the massive number of Kickstarter exclusives that would be rolled out for the game.
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Life is Strange

On the surface, Life is Strange is an odd as a table top experience. The idea of deep character driven mysteries with some weird and supernatural powers could be a hard cross over. It’s also unusual for the characters to crop up in more than one game. There are a couple of exceptions to this, but the general statement is true. Most of the games feature a mystery to be solved, the characters trying to deal with that mystery, and someone has an extra-natural power or ability. The first game focused on Max Caulfield trying to discover the fate of a missing teen while being able to revers time over short periods.

I think this could be an interesting game if you focus on the mystery and character elements. Yes the special powers are cool, but one of the games, Before the Storm didn’t have any powers in it and was still extremely intense and engaging. Let the story focus on the characters and how they interact to solve the mystery of the story. I think focusing on those things would work really well.

I’d love to see Lucky Duck Games take a run at this as a spinoff of the Chronicle of Crime engine. The millennium series has introduced some supernatural elements that work really well in the system. With the app to keep track of relationships and decisions you could have a pretty good recreation of the mysteries and experience found in the Life is Strange Universe.
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Overwatch is a competitive multiplayer character based arena shooter. You pick a character from a large collection of different colorful options. You and your team will line up against the other team and work to score points based on the arena you’re in. There are different goals from taking a series of points on the map, defending an area, or pushing a payload along a route. The wide variety of maps feature different routes, bottle necks, and defendable points. Players compete to a set victory condition and then line up and go again.

Now that’s basic Overwatch and you could certainly make a very fun hero minis game like Malifaux, Super Fantasy Brawl, or Hordes. That would be a fine game and lots of fun for all. However, what I’d love to see is a focus on the upcoming Overwatch 2 which adds a story mode to the basic Overwatch experience. Players will use the same stable of characters to take part in running arena battles, horde assaults, and boss fights. Overwatch has always had a rich history for all of its characters that is demonstrated through the numerous cinematics that have been released over the years. They’re all wonderful and you should check them out (bring tissues).

For the first version of the game as a tournament style combat simulator I’d say any number of miniatures companies could do a pretty amazing job though I’d love to see Privateer, Wyrd, or Steam Forged take a swing at it. However for the second idea I’d love for that to be taken over by anyone with a good horde mode board game. I couldn’t think of one that I had played but had some friends recommend a couple that would fit the bill based on my description of what I wanted. A fun, miniature based, dice chucker, with special powers, and hordes of monsters. I was pointed towards Deep Madness and the Agents of Mayhem board games. Again I haven’t played wither but checked out a couple of videos online and they looked pretty good.
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The Darksiders series is one I adore. While I love each individual game, I think basing a table top game on any given game from the series would be tough. While they all have an interconnected story, they also have different mechanics, powers, and focus on a different character. Each of the games follows one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; War, Death, Fury, and Strife. While War is very Zelda like in its themes Death follows a more Diablo based route and Fury is patterned after Darksouls. It’s a hodgepodge of ideas that while great for interweaving a fun narrative doesn’t work well when combining them into a set game.

That said, if you make the four Horsemen the playable characters and set them on mission over the twisted apocalypse filled landscape you could have some pretty fun experiences. If you give each of the characters some of their signature powers and weapons and then have some that can be passed around; a feature in every game is each of the characters eventually armed with at least one weapon from each of the others. Mix that in with waves of minions, fun bosses, and interesting arenas and you’d have a pretty solid game.

I think it would work best as a dungeon crawler similar to Descent. If you want the full tilt campaign experience I think Oathsworn would be a nice paring especially with the side quests, interesting characters, and large maps. I haven’t played Oathsworn, but what I’ve seen would fit the themes of Darksiders.
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Evil Genius

This may be because I just picked up the second one and am having a ton of fun taking over the world. Evil Genius is a game where you play a 60’s era Bond style supervillain bent on taking over the world. You build a base, send minions out on missions, work to build your doomsday device all while protecting yourself from the forces of justice with minions and traps.

This would work as an engine building worker placement game with a world map that you place the worker on. Everyone would have their own genius, powers, and henchmen. You’d send them off to perform the different jobs you’d need to complete your plans. Then you’d have a personal board to represent your own base that gives you extra minions, defenses, and technology. Then the world map gets peppered with jobs, crimes, and missions you can also send workers to. This means you’ll be trying to balance going out into the world and building heat to get the endgame points while also working in your base to get an engine that will let you build your doomsday device and win the game.

I’ll be honest, I can’t think of a game that does this. I really tried, and almost said Agricola but honestly I don’t think it hiits the right vibe I’m looking for, I do hope someone builds it though.
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The Legend of Zelda

I love Legend of Zleda, I’ve played most every game since the very first one. The few I’ve missed were due to not owning a Wii U. The basic story of Zelda is a young warrior named Link journeys out into the world, gathers the various pieces of a mystic power called the Tri-Force, the Master Sword, other various bits of kit, and heads off to battle the big boss at the end of the game. It goes back and forth from over land exploration to deep diving various themed dungeons and has a fantastic feel and weight based on decades of games expanding the history and lore of these characters.

I think if you expand this idea into an exploration and dungeon crawl that could be lots of fun. If you even expand the idea to use not only the Zelda proper games but add in the idea and themes found in Hyrule Warriors you would end up with a very cool game. Have the players take on not just Link but add in the various other champions like Daruk and Revali. Have them explore the overland sections of the game and then dive into the various dungeons.

I think this game would work best either a one vs many where one player controls the monsters for everyone else similar to Descent. However, another Fantasy Flight Games property that I think would be a much better fit is Lord of the Rings: Journeys into Middle Earth. The app driven exploration and adventure game that lets you play different characters as they travel across Middle Earth while being chased by various monsters would fit the land of Hyrule in such a great manner. I would adore having that system tuned to this property.
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Monster Prom/Camp

Monster Prom is an adult humor based competitive dating simulator. Stay with me. In the game you play students at a monster high school in the weeks leading up to prom. You’re goal over the course of the game is to gain affection with one of the students in the school by entering into a series of events that force you to make decisions that build affection with one or more of the students in the school. Every event comes down to a choice between two options and your chance of success is based on the stats you’ve cultivated as you play. At the end of the game you ask a student to prom and based on your affection level you will find success or failure.

As a table top game this could go one of two ways. It could be a quick simple party game where players play cards to place affection tokens on different students. They can get a series of challenge cards that give them affection with different characters and see how they go. In the end they get to pick a student they want to take to prom and if you’ve reached that characters affection target and have the most points on that character you get the date to prom.

However, I think this game would really sing as a story based legacy game. One of the big plusses of the pc game is the massive number of events, special story lines, hidden dateable characters, and secret endings. Take that and recreate it through a deck of cards that starts small and gradually adds in more events, more challenges, and more dateable characters. You start with six potential love interests and end with nearly a dozen. If you could pull that off with a King’s Dilemma style game mechanics and I think you’ll have a pretty fantastic experience.

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That’s my list. I know it’s only 9 games because the only other one I could think of was Gauntlet and there’s already several games that match it so well I didn’t feel right including it. I hope you enjoyed the list and like I said do let us know some games you’d like to see make the jump to table.

Until next time, stay safe and be well.


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