Top 12 Board Games of 2017 (12 for the Twelve Days of Christmas)

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  • 2017 started off with a bang in the board game world. We had controversy, and kickstarters that have never fulfilled their promise figuratively and metaphorically. MeepleGamers has made some great friends in the community, and we continue to strive towards better relationships so that we can bring you the best in gaming.
  • The Top Ten of the Year will necessarily include some games from previous Cons this year, as the best releases are generally released during a con. For that overlap, we do not apologize, these are great games. We each picked out several that we feel are a cross cut selection of the best in gaming in 2017. We understand everyone has their own style of gameplay, and the list cannot possibly  get it right for every reader, but we feel it will get it right for a lot of people, and give you a sense of what came this year, and what may come in following years.
  • Thank you for being MeepleGamers, thank you for reading, and thank you for making 2017 so much fun!
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What a stellar year! MeepleGamers grew by leaps and bounds. The gaming hobby has a glut of incredible gaming experiences. And the people in the hobby are as inclusive as ever. This holiday top twelve (ten by proxy), is a thank you to all of you. 

  • To the MeepleGamers writing team, MeepleGamers would not be MeepleGamers without you. You are the heart and soul of this endeavor. Kevin, Steve, Mira, Mark, Maria, Daniel, Kayla, and many others, THANK YOU. Once a MeepleGamer, always a MeepleGamer. We know that life gets hectic and busy, and all of our past writers, are always welcome to come back and contribute. THANK you ALL, and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 


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