Top 10 Board Games to Gift to Non-Gamers in 2017

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  • 2017 was a HUGE year in gaming. For those that are into gaming, your shelves likely drastically changed, if you made any purchases. I know my Top Shelf looks far different than it did one year ago today. 
  • What about your non-gamer friends? Have you been able to entice them into the hobby? Have you been able to show them that gaming is different now, than it was 5 years ago, or even one year ago? What have you done to show them the different face of gaming? MeepleGamers has compiled a list of games that were either initially released in 2017, or was given a re-release. This list is designed to be a go to list, that will help your non-gamer friends enjoy the hobby, and maybe even transition into loving the hobby as much as you. Each game added was added for different reasons, and a few may require you to play with your friend the first, second or third time, but all are approachable, and added for the sheer enjoyment of sitting down to play with your friends. 
  • For whatever holiday you are celebrating, enjoy your friends and family with a few board games!
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