TOP TEN of PAXU 2019


“… it has grown by leaps and bounds! … I think it is even on pace to be bigger than Origins.”

– Kevin Billman


In its third year, PAX Unplugged has firmly established itself as one of the premiere tabletop conventions.  This was my first time back since the inaugural convention and it has grown by leaps and bounds!  Philadelphia is a great city with its amazing options for food and continues to be a large draw for the region.  I think it is even on pace to be bigger than Origins.

Talking to publishers, sales were good and expectations are high for the future of the convention as they familiarize themselves with the PAXU audience.  I like the layout of PAXU as the aisles are wide and it still doesn’t feel overwhelming even with the attendance increasing as it has.  As a cap to the convention season, I think PAXU will only grow stronger in the future.

– Kevin Billman, Meeplegamers

Funkoverse – Funko Games


By Steve Mayne

I’ve been looking forward to it for a bit this year.  I caught my imagination and had me really looking forward to getting it.  Playing it was exciting too.

Galactic Scoundrels – Mercury Games

Galactic Scoundrels

By Matthew Kearns

Space. Cowboys. Starships.  What’s not to love?  Tell a story about your favorite shabby-looking bovine wrangler with a heart of gold while he unsuccessfully plays a local official the fool or about a crew of misfits just trying to make their way through the galaxy.  Do a job, fly your ship, keep moving.

Sabotage – Fowers Games


By Kevin Billman

This is a game of stealth and deception – a great battle of wits.  As is the usual from Fowers Games, there is a delightful art style and presentation.  It reminded me of Captain Sonar in some ways, but it plays great as just a two-player game of cat-and-mouse.

Coralia – HUCH!


By Ben TBD

You play the role of a marine biologist searching for species among the coral.  Along the way, you might even find sunken treasure.  The bright colors and custom dice look awesome.  I am very excited for Coralia!

Alien Role-playing Game – Free League Publishing

Alien RPG

By Kevin Billman

The Alien RPG takes the established 2d20 system and puts it to work in a great universe full of bloody horror and corporate intrigue.  They’ve incorporated both Cinematic play (for one-shots) and Campaign play.  I’m just scratching the surface of the materials in advance, but I can tell you already that this game is going to  provide great moments of action and excellent slow-burn horror in the depths of space.

Inner Compass – AEG

Inner Compass

By Josh Hale

This is a game about our most inner feelings, exploring everyday lives and the decisions that make them up.  The theme is cool.  The abstract game is cool.  But ultimately Inner Compass is a cool abstract game with a cool theme on top of it and that makes all the difference!

Frontier Wars – Van Ryder Games

Frontier Wars

By Kevin Billman

This game is a WWII-themed hex-based game that will see you fighting over territory to expand your holdings and build new structures to call in increasingly more powerful units.  Manage your armies and resources to find victory over your opponents.  It should provide a nice “next level” experience from the classic Memoir ’44 as it seems very approachable, but with some nice depth.

Nexus Infernum – Archon Games

Nexus Infernum

By Matthew Kearns

Almost simple this game comes across with its uncomplicated game board, resources, and player card.  Yet behind this veneer beats a game ready to be delved into, almost as feverishly as its theme espouses.  As the game begs to be played, the art demands an audience.  Prepare your minions and ready your spells for tonight we battle for the Nexus and dark hordes beyond its portals.

Inhuman Conditions – (Web Published)

Inhuman Conditions

By Kevin Billman

This 5-minute game of interrogation for two players comes to you from the designers of Secret Hitler.  Each game has an Investigator and Suspect with the goal of determining if the Suspect is a robot or human.  It’s quick, it’s light, it’s fun.  Suspicion runs rampant and, as meta evolves between repeat players, it only gets crazier.

Compiler’s Note: Unsure if author is robot or human at this time.  Further interrogation is required.

Sausage Party – Loneshark Games

Sausage Party

By Matthew Kearns

Are y’all hungry ‘cuz I know some of our writers are for this game.  Sausage Party comes to you as a little set collection and speed but I see brats with mustard on bun begging to be eaten.  John Kovalic of Munchkin fame lends his talent in telling the story of these delicious dogs.  So check it out and bring the sausage to your next barbecue!


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