Tossed Salad – Games Adults Play – Review


Tossed Salad - Games Adults Play - Review 1

Publisher: Games Adults Play

Game Type: Party Game, Charrades

Designer: Bad Parents Anonymous LLC

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Bad Parents Anonymous LLC

Theme and What is it?

Tossed Salad is a bowl full of sexual innuendo.

Gameplay Mechanics

Players divide into two teams and take turns pulling out a piece of “salad” and reading it to themselves. They have to then describe or act out, depending on the round, what is described on the piece of paper. The game is played over a number of rounds with each round becoming more explicit in nature. Players score points when their answers are guessed correctly by their teammates. Most of the words have dual meanings. Players get 1 point when they take the safe route with a word or they can get 3 points if they get naughty with it. The team with the most points at the end wins and can now be labeled “filthy animals”.

Initial Impressions

Tossed Salad has warnings all over the outside of it cautioning players to be careful who you play it with. Don’t play with family members, especially your parents. Don’t play with people who have conservative views on sexuality. Don’t play with underage individuals. That really limited my pool of people who would be comfortable playing this game. I finally decided I should take a cautious approach to Tossed Salad. After the kids were in bed Ally and I opened it up, read the directions and started looking at some of the answers. To be totally honest, I didn’t know what most of the phrases meant. It has been a long time since I was in college and I haven’t kept with the latest in sexual dualities given to normal everyday terms. Ally and I spent most of our time looking up phrases in the online urban dictionary. Maybe many of you will have to do the same. I suggest you keep it open on a phone or laptop to really maximize those 3 point descriptions. Most of the time we laughed so hard we couldn’t get much accomplished.

Tossed Salad - Games Adults Play - Review 2

Game Build Quality

This game is a complete gimmick. Don’t expect anything at all when it comes to components. The pieces of “salad” are construction paper wadded up. It all comes in a cheap plastic bowl. I guess you get to come for the hilarity, not the component quality.

Tossed Salad - Games Adults Play - Review 3

Artistic Direction

Other than the graphic design on the front sticker of the bowl, there is no art in this game. I guess unless you count the art of making nonsexual phrases mean something that gets you banned from your grandma’s house if she heard you talking about them. The art can only be described as nihilistic.

Fun Factor

Tossed Salad did not work for me. At all. Mostly because of where I am at in my life. I haver kids. I can’t be joking about this kind of stuff.

Here is a list of people that would love this game.

College kids.


People with filthy minds (I know that is most of us).

People who’s favorite movie is The Hangover.

Dirty old men and women.

People in the middle of a midlife crisis.

People who like to hang out at sex communes.

Everyone who lives in Ohio.

Tossed Salad - Games Adults Play - Review 4

Age Range & Weight

Tossed Salad is listed for 18+. Let’s keep everything legal and totally stick with this recommendation. Thanks!

Tossed Salad - Games Adults Play - Review 5


Although this game didn’t do much for me, besides providing some great entertainment for Ally and I, it accomplishes what it was made for. This is a game that has more “shock jock” mojo than Howard Stern used to before he joined America’s Got Talent. Tossed Salad is designed to take you way outside your comfort zone, even for the nastiest of us. If you like stuff like that and are in a place to enjoy it, go ahead and give it a try. Also, have some fun and go back through this review and see how many innuendoes you can find. I did my best.


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