Trapwords – Review – Czech Games Edition


Publisher: Czech Games Edition

Publisher: White Goblin Games

Game Type: (Worker Placement, Dice Drafting, Etc.)

Artist: Régis Torres

Designer: Jan Březina

Designer: Martin Hrabálek

Designer: Michal Požárek

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Trapwords - Review - Czech Games Edition 1

Theme and What is it?

Words, and lots of them. If you had to tell your partner a word, but could not use a list of “buzz” words, that are unknown to you, but made up by your opponents, you would have the basis of Trapwords. Could you describe an AI, without using the word skynet? Baseball without glove, or bat, or steal, or homerun, or grand slam, or world series, or all star game?

Now your getting the “photographic rendering of a face”. (Picture)

Trapwords - Review - Czech Games Edition 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Your team is given a word, one played is the clue giver, and the rest on your team guesses the answer. The clue giver cannot use an unknown minefield of danger words. If they use one of these words, the turn is over.

Oh yeah, you’re being timed.

Trapwords - Review - Czech Games Edition 3

Initial Impressions

My extent of word games generally circles back to Scrabble. When I was told by the publisher how much fun this is, I took it in stride. They are supposed to tell you how much fun a game is, that is their job…

I was under-impressed the second I heard word game, but it was cute looking, and I’ve played enough CGE, that I guessed it had to have something interesting to it.

Trapwords - Review - Czech Games Edition 4

Game Build Quality

The game is built pretty nicely. It has a plethora of cards, and 4 “notebooks” that will tell you what your random word is. Without counting or calculating, I would guess there are probably nearly 1000 words to guess.

The “board” that is secondary to the word game is punch out cardboard, and looks nice, but is not strictly necessary, except for the built in timer aspect of the game. It is pretty to look at, and makes it more thematic, but didn’t change how I feel about the game, one way or another.

Trapwords - Review - Czech Games Edition 5

Artistic Direction

The art is very chibi-esque. It’s cute, with a slant towards the dark. I like it quite well, but this is one game, that the art was not something that made much difference to me. If you have read many of my reviews, you know I am an art nerd, and will give an otherwise lackluster game props for beautiful art.

For me, for a word game, the art was cute, and thematic, but not enough part of the game that I focused on it. I know what they were trying to accomplish, with a built in timer, making the urgency to win, all the much more thematic, but it just didn’t do it for me.

Trapwords - Review - Czech Games Edition 6

Fun Factor

This is where this game succeeds in spades.

It has enough content for a word game, that it can be replayed over and over, and the clues will be forgotten by the time you get to the end of the cards. With the curses, that say things like you cannot use any words that start with S as a clue-giver, it gives you even more to think about.

I have to say, I have become a fan.

Trapwords - Review - Czech Games Edition 7

Age Range & Weight

8+. This is exactly what I would probably determine to be a good age range as well. The chibi art, makes it fun for a younger audience, and the clues are not so hard as to make the game not fun for a younger audience.

Trapwords - Review - Czech Games Edition 8


I have said over and over, don’t judge a game by its cover. This games cover is light and fun, and correspondingly, so is this game.

This is one game, you should definitely judge by its cover. If you think the idea is fun, and if you are looking for a fun light game, this could be right up your alley.


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