Tricky Ways Fasal – Edition Cuboro – Review


Publisher: Edition Cuboro

Game Type: Dexterity Maze

Designer: Johannes Guischard

Initial Year of Release: 2013

Artist: Johannes Guischard, Matthias Etter

Tricky Ways Fasal - Edition Cuboro - Review 1

Theme and What is it?

Tricky Ways Fasal is a dexterity marble maze where players use Cuboro Cubes to build paths and try to score as many points as possible by creating the longest paths. 

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Tricky Ways Fasal - Edition Cuboro - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Tricky Ways Fasal uses Cuboro Cubes to move marbles from a tower piece to twelve different goal areas. The Cuboro Cubes have trails on top and tunnels on the inside. Players can either use only the paths to reach their goals, but they are rewarded for using the tunnels, which are more difficult to navigate, to receive more points. On their turn, each player is allowed three actions. They can either slide a cube, rotate a cube or jump a cube as an action. Players have three marbles, two blue and one red. If they use their red marble, they can do a fourth action on that turn. Points are awarded for each cube the marble pass through, starting with the tower. 1 point for the tower and any paths and 2 points for any tunnels that the marble passes through. This includes the cube that transitions the marble from path to tunnel. In order to score, a marble must be deposited into one of the goal areas that does not already hold a marble. If a marble does not make it to a new goal area, it is discarded. The player with the most points wins! Fasal

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Tricky Ways Fasal - Edition Cuboro - Review 3

Initial Impressions

Tricky Ways Fasal looks way easier than it really is. Even when we were using only paths (you can flip the cube that transitions to tunnels) it can, at first, seem very difficult to get the marble to a goal. You really have to visualize the path in your mind because you have a limited number of actions. Once we played a few games it felt more natural and we were able to plan our moves to have more success. My kids couldn’t wait to try out Tricky Ways Fasal. While I read the directions, they were busy playing with all the cubes and exploring how to move the marbles around. Overall, it was a fun experience.

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Tricky Ways Fasal - Edition Cuboro - Review 4

Game Build Quality

Everything about the build is top notch. The Cuboro Cubes are fantastic and are built to withstand kids stacking and knocking them over. The game board is made of the same material. You should have no issues playing this game for a very long time. The one issue to keep in mind (and it is not a huge issue) is that you need to be on a totally level surface to make everything function properly. Again, not a huge deal breaker, just something to keep in mind to make sure the marbles are all rolling like they should.

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Tricky Ways Fasal - Edition Cuboro - Review 5

Artistic Direction

Does not exist. This may be as utilitarian as it gets. Uniformed board and cubes and box art that shows the uniformed board and cubes.

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Tricky Ways Fasal - Edition Cuboro - Review 6

Fun Factor

To be honest, we played a few games and had great fun with Tricky Ways Fasal, after that the kids just wanted to take the cubes out and build their own tracks without being confined to the game board. They spent way more time playing with them this way then as the game. So you are really getting two things with Tricky Ways, a fun game for the family and toys for your kids to entertain themselves. Since the cubes are heavy duty you shouldn’t worry about them playing with them outside of the game. That is what the Cuboro Cubes are made for.

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Tricky Ways Fasal - Edition Cuboro - Review 7

Age Range & Weight

Tricky Ways Fasal says it is for 6+. I ended up playing a few games with my 3-year old. Although he didn’t really understand how to move the cubes around to make the marbles reach the goals, he still loved it. I would help him, and he would get excited when his marble dropped into a goal. Once we finished playing and he had the cubes out playing with them, he did figure out some fun ways to make his marble run through the paths and tunnels. There are marbles involved so adult supervision is required for young ones who may try to put the marbles in their mouths. But just go have fun and play with the kiddos. That is what Tricky Ways Fasal is all about.

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Tricky Ways Fasal - Edition Cuboro - Review 8


Tricky Ways Fasal is designed to get minds working. It makes us look at something a new way and problem solve to find solutions for some very complex puzzles. What a great way to fire up young minds! Tricky Ways Fasal is set up to be a game and to also be just toys. Kids will love these and they will keep busy with hours of brain building entertainment. That goes for adults too! We all need an extra boost to our metal stamina. Tricky Ways Fasal gives us a way to exercise our minds and have fun doing it.

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