Dan and Phil’s Truth Bombs – Big Potato Games – Review


Dan and Phil's Truth Bombs - Big Potato Games - Review 1

Publisher: Big Potato Games

Game Type: Party Game

Designer: Phil Lester

Initial Year of Release: 2017

Theme and What is it?

*Note* Copy of the game provided by the publisher for review purposes.

Truth Bombs is a party game where players answer questions about each other.

Gameplay Mechanics

Truth Bombs is a simple game with an easy premise. A number of questions are laid out depending on the number of players. Each player takes turns secretly answering one of the questions about one of the other players. The answer sheets are passed around and once completed the answers are read out loud and the person in question choose the best answer and then guesses who gave it. Points are awarded and the game continues.

Initial Impressions

I like party games. I wasn’t excited about some of the questions but a few of them looked like they could be fun.

Game Build Quality

Everything in the game has a decent quality to it, except the pencils, the pencils are rejects from a golf course. The game comes with a good amount of answer sheets though I would have preferred white boards to reduce the amount of trash the game produces. Card stock is a little on the thin side, but serviceable.

Dan and Phil's Truth Bombs - Big Potato Games - Review 2

Artistic Direction

There really isn’t one. The spaces on the answer sheets are outlined in colors that are decently vibrant. The question cards are typical of such games, in other words they’re white cards with black text. There is no art direction to this game, but that’s okay for the type of game it is.

Fun Factor

I did not have fun. I can see where some people might enjoy it. In fact, I went to watch some videos online after I played to make sure we had used the game correctly. The people in the videos I watched were certainly having fun. So, I must conclude that there are people who enjoy this game.

Age Range & Weight

The Box says 14+ and while I think that complexity wise that’s a bit too high based on content I think 14 may not be quite high enough. The rules are simple and easy to understand. The game plays very quickly.


As I said, after playing the game I went to check out a couple of videos online to see if we were missing anything. People laughed on YouTube. I can give you that. I didn’t enjoy this game. I found some of the questions uncomfortable, which the creators must have known since they included a note in the game that reads, “We hope you have fun playing and it doesn’t destroy your relationships.” There was no fun in this game. It felt more like a therapy session than a party game.

I can see what they were trying for. I think this game was meant to be a fun inside joke style of game where we all get a laugh by taking quick jabs at one another and answering silly questions. The problem is, not all of the questions are silly. Some of the questions we did not use include: “what’s a bad habit they need to work on,” “what one thing about them would you change,” and “what are they terrible at.” These didn’t feel like fun questions, they felt like great ways to start a fight. There are “fun” questions; things about the lottery, the name of their restaurant, and such but we shouldn’t have to weed questions out to play the game.

Dan and Phil's Truth Bombs - Big Potato Games - Review 3

The other problem I had with this game is that it is technically a party game. For myself, a party game should be something you can pull out in a room of total strangers and use as an ice breaker. Unfortunately, this game requires that you play it with people you know. I shouldn’t have to ask who Tom is before trying to figure out their high school nickname.

Like I said I think I get what they wanted. A fun game where family and lifelong friends can get together and have a good laugh at all the inside jokes. Those things that develop over decades of knowing one another. Maybe that’s the problem for me. This game seems to expect me to need a reason to get together with friends and talk about old times. I think this game wants to lean on the nostalgia of familiarity. And that’s where it falls apart for me. I don’t need a board game to tell me how to get together with my friends and play games. That’s an average Thursday for me. This game was pointless for me.

That said, I don’t hate it and I can easily understand why some folks might enjoy it. It’s quick and easy fun and some groups will have a good time. I even applaud the amount of questions they have provided even if I’m not a fan of some of them. It just wasn’t for me. If you’re curious, check out a YouTube video or give it a run at a local game store, café, or convention. You might enjoy it. I just didn’t find it fun.

Then again, people laughed on YouTube.


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