UKGE 2019 TOP 10

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 1

“I would love to talk about every game, publisher or designer that I met and interacted with but this article would be endless”

– Jordan Macnab


This was the first year that I have had the honour of representing Meeplegamers at the UKGE and I have to say it was humbling to find how friendly and welcoming everyone was. It was a crazy weekend for everyone involved and I would love to talk about every game, publisher or designer that I met and interacted with but this article would be endless. 

This list consists of just a handful of the games that I had the pleasure of either playing, demoing or discussing while at the expo this year. I’ll be brief regarding each one but I hope you get as excited about them as I am.

Red Alert – PSC Ltd

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 2

This game caught my attention before the expo even began, so much so that I contacted PSC. I had the pleasure of sitting down with William Townshend, Director at PSC, who gave me an idea of their catalogue. After speaking with Will I’m even more excited to play Red Alert and to see what it has to offer. As it stands it looks like a epic space warfare game on a huge scale that utilises cards for movement and abilities and dice to gauge damage and other effects. This coupled with the fantastic minis and component quality it should make for a great experience.

Review for this and other PSC games coming shortly 

Sorcerer – White Wizard Games

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 3

What can I say about this game. It was a raging success on Kickstarter and from what I understand was equally as successful at the expo selling out all available copies.

I spoke to quite a lot of people who have played Sorcerer and it seems to be getting positive feedback across the board. I haven’t had the pleasure of sitting down with it yet but I am defiantly being swept away with the hype. 

Oh and shout out to Debbie Moynihan, Chief Operating Officer at White Wizard Games for spending the time with me at the booth between teaching several different games and co-ordinating her team. It was very much appreciated.

Review for Sorcerer to follow soon

Terror Below – Renegade Games

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 4

Now, I could have easily chosen The Clank Expansion to preview here and I’m sure no one would have been surprised to see it but I managed to get some time during the press event with a very nice young lady called Sara Erickson, Director of Sales and Marketing who gave me a great idea of how this upcoming game will play. 

Each player is trying to stay alive while making as much money as possible by collecting monster eggs and delivering them to various places to get various objects and abilities. Although the players aren’t technically playing against each other they can manipulate the creatures under the ground so they attack and slow other players down giving them an advantage. I’ve become a bit of a fan of gentle take that mechanics. So this is one to keep an eye out for.  

Fired Up – DrawLabs Entertainment

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 5

I love hearing about games that play just slightly differently from anything else I have ever heard of, Fired Up is one of those games. 

Instead of playing the Characters in the game you play the audience. You influence the fighters to play the way you want them to play and attack who you want them to attack. Doing this well means you can influence your bets and make more money. 

This was only a prototype at this stage but I could already see the potential. The cyberpunk art alone draws you in and makes you want to see more.

Once again, this is another one to look out for later in the year. 

Imhotep The Duel – Kosmos

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 6

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Stephen Lyssejko , Sales Manager for Kosmos and he walked me through one of their newest games Imhotep The Duel. I must be one of the few board game reviewers in the world who hasn’t played the original Imhotep so I went into the game blind. 

I enjoyed it a lot. The gameplay was simple but highly tactical. The point variation at the end was very tight implying the balance must be very good. I guess the balance may vary depending on the experience of the players. 

The component quality was excellent and it left me wanting more. I would expect nothing else from Kosmos based on the majority of their recent games.

Review on Imhotep the Duel with follow soon

MegaCity: Oceania – Hub Games Ltd

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 7

This was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my time at the expo this year. I got to sit down with Michael Fox, Designer of Megacity, and a few other industry moguls and blasted through a full game of the (almost finished) prototype. 

Megacity has a fantastic way of tapping into your creative side and encourages you to think outside of the box while you try to build these abstract buildings out of various components randomly picked out of black bag. 

All players are working together to build this megacity that floats but also get as many points as possible to win by completing missions… I say missions but they are more like building plans that the city managers want you to create. So a building might have to consist of nothing but glass or be a certain height etc. But just building the structures isn’t where the challenge ends… you then have to push them in place as if they were floating units. If it collapses, you have to start all over again. It was so much fun. Cant wait to play the final copy.

Mournequest – Backspindle Games

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 8

Mournequest was on my list of anticipated games for the expo and it didn’t disappoint. The artwork, gameplay and quality all looks fantastic. The team at the stand were all very passionate about the project and I could tell they had a keen desire for this game to succeed, not just for the obvious reasons but because they really loved the game and what it is bring to the table. 

I am very excited to crack this one out and see how much its theme sucks me in. 

Review for Mournequest to follow soon

Stworze – Underworld Kingdom

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 9

I’ll be honest I didn’t have a massive amount of information about this game going into the expo but I knew I wanted to meet the team and ask lots of questions. They were such a helpful and friendly team. 

Stworze is an adventure game Slavic mythology . The art and components match this setting perfectly and the resin minis are unique and excellent quality. 

If this translates as well as I expect it to I think it should make for a very interesting adventure. 

Review for Stworze will follow soon

Super Fantasy Brawl – Mythic Games

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 10

Let me start by saying that this game was being demonstrated by one of the friendliest community managers I have ever met. Az Drummond took the time during the press event to run me through the basics of the game and what was still left to develop. 

To me the game and the product its self look fantastic. The core game will come with minis which allows them to set the price point quite low for the Kickstarter but it will also have upgraded minis which are of the highest quality which I would expect from Mythic Games based on their other projects.

Mythic also plan on continuing to support this game in the future meaning it wont be a one hit wonder and may even be playable at tournament level depending on its success. 

I, for one, am looking forward to this and to seeing the finished product. 

Ticket to Ride London – Days of Wonder

UKGE 2019 TOP 10 11

What can I say about this game… Its Ticket to Ride but on a smaller scale and in a smaller setting. Don’t get me wrong, this isnt a bad thing, in fact its a good thing. What Days of Wonder have done here, is create a version of the game that can be played as a filler in 15 minutes and you still get the full experience of the original game. I absolutely love this just because I know the London version has an excellent chance to hit the table more often than the larger originals.

Everything else about Ticket to Ride London is as you would expect. The component quality is excellent and game runs smooth as ice. 

For any fans of the franchise or anyone wanting to give it a go, this will be perfect for everyone who fall into either category. 

Review of Ticket to Ride London will follow soon


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