Unicornus Knights – AEG – Review


“She is coming home, with or without your help, and she is not happy.”

Publisher: AEG

Designer: Seiji Kanai

Designer: Kuro

Artist: Bunta

Artist: Aderi Fujioka (フジオカアデリ)

Artist: Iro

Artist: Kasu

Artist: Itoshi Mitsuishi (みついしいとし)

Artist: nisimy

Artist: sharu (シャル)

Artist: Hiromi Taihei (太平洋海)

Initial Year of Release: 2016

Age Range: 12+

Expected Playtime: 60-90

Number of Players: 2-6

Game Type: Coop, Dice Chucker, Grid Movement, Resource Management

Artist: TARO

Artist: Tokumaru (とくまる)

Artist: Towa

Artist: Goro Watanuki (和狸56)

Artist: You Matsumune (松宗ヨウ)

Artist: 爪尾 (Tsumeo)

Unicornus Knights - AEG - Review 1

Theme and What is it?

The Emperor is just a usurper. He has taken over the kingdom in a coup, killing the entire royal family. Though he has forgotten, there is one hot-headed princess who was off visiting foreign lands.

She is coming home, with or without your help, and she is not happy.

Unicornus Knights is a game about a royal princess who acts as a timer by charging forward in battle to attempt to regain her family’s kingdom. You know she will keep moving forward, she will also attack anyone in her way. She is not particularly proficient at battle, which is why you need to take your armies in front of her. You are much better at battle, and your job is to protect your princess, and help her get to the Capital. 

Unicornus Knights - AEG - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

During the game, you are managing your quickly depleting resources, to move forward, and protect your princess. Even attacking takes resources. 

During your turn, you can; move, recruit, take a support card, attack, gain resources, send resources. Ultimately the princess will gain resources, move, and/or attack. She will always slowly move towards the Capital. Moreover, her movement is controlled by the amount of resources she has on hand.

Unicornus Knights - AEG - Review 3

Initial Impressions

The box is a big box game, with great art. It really made me want to open it and check it out. The colors are nice, and the overall aesthetic is pleasing to my nerdy eyes.

Unicornus Knights - AEG - Review 4

Game Build Quality

AEG builds good games. Their quality in big box games is always excellent. This is no exception. 

The cardboard locations are nice they have no punch marks, the same can be said for the charecter standees. Even the actual standees are extraordinarily nice compared to some that I have seen. 

There is nothing in this game that doesn’t scream quality.

Unicornus Knights - AEG - Review 5

Artistic Direction

The art on this game is really quite cool. The “weird” thing is there are as you can see above, a metric TON of different artists, and yet, they have all seemingly met the same artistic vision. 

This in and of itself, is truly a feat of EPIC proportions. 

The lore of the game is where the art truly shines. The storyline was very good, and truly enjoyable. It is even better if you tell the whole story in the voice of Julia Child (Trust me). 

Many games that have “lore” have no real thought as to how that ties into the game. They are disjointed at best. In Unicornis Knights, the exact opposite is true. The game is built upon the lore, and the lore upon the game. This is game art, at its best.

Unicornus Knights - AEG - Review 6

Fun Factor

Hex grid based games, do not overly excite me. This is no major exception. The execution of this game is quite good, but it never really shouted to me that I needed to play it during the game. 

From the reaction of my gaming group, I am entirely wrong. They really liked the coop mechanics, the light programming, and the player powers. This says to me, that my viewpoint is based on my likes (dislikes) rather than the actual game. My group loved it, and in fact, after reviewing, one of the group, took the game from me, and said I did not deserve to keep it. I am apparently, not worthy.

Unicornus Knights - AEG - Review 7

Age Range & Weight

12+. This game is a coop. To me this means, the age range is largely irrelevant. The group can help a younger player. 

With that being said, I would probably not play with someone under 10 years of age, due to attention span. The game takes about 90 minutes to get through, and a younger person, may not enjoy that.

Unicornus Knights - AEG - Review 8


I struggled with Unicornus Knights. It is not a game style, that I would classically get excited about. 

The art is incredible, including the lore. The round hexes, are unique and pretty. Quality of components really cannot be called into question, even the standees appear to be specially manufactured for AEG. 

I understand that my feelings for this game, are based on my own internal biases. My gaming group, however, thinks I’m nuts. I know, they are probably right.



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