SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – Vengeance – Mighty Boards – Review

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Death Wish, Kill Bill, John Wick… Vengeance takes these movies and puts them on your tabletop.

Matthew Kearns

MeepleGamers 8.4/10 Publisher: Mighty Boards Designer: Gordon Calleja Artist: Axel Torvenius Game Type: Variable Player Powers Game Type: Card Drafting Initial Year of Release: 2017 Age Range: 14+ Expected Playtime: 30-120 min Number of Players: 1-4 Vengeance-Matt (2)

Theme and What is it?

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Death Wish, Kill Bill, John Wick… These movies evoke sword fights, gun battles, and the heroes getting the snot kicked out of them. But in the end, they get their pound of flesh. Vengeance takes these movies and puts them on your tabletop. Choose your hero, wrong them, and then let the bullets fly. Each player takes it to the bad guys and the winner is the one who does the most damage and completes their objectives. Do you have what it takes to call down Hell upon the scum that burned your world? SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY - Vengeance - Mighty Boards - Review 1SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY - Vengeance - Mighty Boards - Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

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The goal of Vengeance is to have the most Victory Points at the end of the game by completing Missions, Objectives, and clearing out the dens of bad guys.


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Randomly select 3 [email protected] Dens and 3 [email protected] Dens and place them in between the players; put 6 [email protected] Dens off to the side as a draw pile. Put the Minion miniatures out next to the game area and populate the non-red Minion locations on the boards along with the Wild tokens. Shuffle Boss cards and put one on each Den board with the Boss deck nearby.

Put out the support game boards. Put the Item tokens on the Shop Board. Draw 2 Mission cards from the Mission deck and 2 Achievement cards from the Achievement deck, placing them next to the Victory Point board.

Each player chooses a hero and receives its mini, Hero board, colored tokens and markers, and Montage cards.


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Vengeance follows the storyboard of a revenge movie, starting with The Wronging following by three acts with Montage and Combat rounds.

The Wronging is where the hero is initially, well, wronged by the gangs and bosses. Each player will receive Vengeance cards, picking them in round-robin fashion. They choose three of those cards and apply the effects to their character by putting damage markers (black and red cubes) on their Hero board. The played Vengeance cards go face-up in front of the player.

During the three acts of violence, each starts with the Montage round. During this round, players take a number of dice equal to their current Mind value and rolls them. The players then look at their Montage cards and choose cards to give you points that you add up with the dice rolled and the slot on the Hero board to spend on actions to prepare your Hero for the violence to come. Additional Vengeance cards can be played during this round.

Following the Montage round are the Combat rounds. During these rounds, players send their Heros out into the rough world to fight those that wronged them and dish out what is best served cold. The Hero is given three dice rolls to make their way through a Den, taking care of the Minions and Bosses. Victory Points are earned by eliminating the Boss and Minions, each. During these rounds, Heroes will also accomplish Missions and Achievements to score additional Victory Points.

There are also rules for solo play which mimics most of the same rules as the multi-player game but it’s just you and your Hero’s personal vendetta against a given gang. Be careful that you don’t become what you hate so much. Vengeance-Matt (6)

Initial Impressions

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Picking up the game, I thought that it would be a bit much — all the minis, boards, tokens, etc. After setup, I was pleasantly surprised with the ease with which the game flowed. Admittedly, I did have to overcome my prejudice against playing a game with the theme, even though I do like some of these types of movies. Vengeance-Matt (7)

Game Build Quality

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The components are comprised of minis, cardboard tokens and boards, wooden markers, playing cards, and dice. The minis are of great quality with a fair number of unique characters of the Minions, not to mention each Hero.

The cardboard components are all of the same hefty stock that will last a long time. The only complaint is punching out the pieces was difficult and had to use a knife at times to help the process without damaging the pieces.

The dice are made of a softer plastic that I’ve seen before with rounded corners, so they tend to tumble oddly but don’t go far which is nice.

The wooden markers are of decent quality, paint and material.

The playing cards are with a linen finish and have a decently sturdy core to them.

The box is great quality and part of the insert can be used to support the gameplay. I do know there are expansions (I have one of them, Rosari Clan) and it somewhat fits everything from it into the box except the addition Den boards. Vengeance-Matt (8)

Artistic Direction

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The art is great, some of the most evocative of the them I’ve seen. It is very reminiscent of some of the more graphic of graphic novels like Hellblazer, Watchmen, etc. The consistency and quality throughout the entire product is incredible — box to rulebook to cards.

The flavor text writing is also very good and you’ll see your favorite characters and tropes played out in the Heroes’ stories. Vengeance-Matt (9)

Fun Factor

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Vengeance is all about recreating the worst of the best revenge movies and comics. You come to blast’n’slash your way through a wall of baddies and you will do just that. Vengeance-Matt (10)

Age Range & Weight

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The age range given is 14+ and the “+” is quite appropriate due to the mature theme (drugs, violence, etc.). The difficulty of the game is middling at best, there is a lot to do but it is spelled out for you, fairly well I might add. Vengeance-Matt (11)


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Vengeance is all about the carnage and death of revenge. Damaged and broken people fighting to inflict as much pain upon their tormentors as possible to gain some sort of peace or justice as they see befits the crimes against them. The game represents well the theme in its art and the mechanics do it justice. I believe this game is well-suited to those who like movies and comics of the genre but be mindful of the player age rating, it is quite apt. Vengeance-Matt (12)

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