Weird Things Humans Search for – Big Potato Games – Review


Weird Things Humans Search for - Big Potato Games - Review 1

Publisher: Big Potato Games

Game Type: Party Game, Trivia

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Theme and What is it?

*Note* Copy of the game provided by the publisher for review purposes.

Weird Things Humans Search for is a team based party game. The game revolves around the popular internet autofill that we get to see when typing a question. Taking the top answers from various autofill searches Big Potato has set us up with a Family Feud style game. Every round is spent trying to be your own autofill to an internet search question. During this game you’ll respond to five different questions and try and come up with the most searched answers.

Gameplay Mechanics

Weird Things is basically a guessing game. You’ll try and apply your best knowledge of human nature to each answer. A judge reads a question aloud. Using the one on the cover of the box, “My cat wants to…” Your team will write down two answers. One of these you’ll mark as your main answer and the other is your bonus answer. After everyone’s finished writing the answers are read out loud. If your team’s main answer is on the list you get 2 points. If it’s the top answer on the card you get an additional 2 points. If your bonus answer is anywhere on the list you get 1 point. Then you draw a new card and go again. This goes for five rounds. Most points at the end wins the day.

Initial Impressions

I originally saw this game played on Dice Tower Tonight. I enjoyed it. The topics made me laugh, they were challenging, and I liked how things seemed to flow. I was weary because Tom handpicked the cards he used and I wasn’t sure that just grabbing a random card would produce the same results. My overall mood was cautiously optimistic.

Game Build Quality

The cards for this game are a little thin but are decent quality. The insert holds everything pretty well. It comes with a small pad of paper instead of white boards. I would have preferred white boards, but I get that it would have upped the cost. The instructions are easy to read and make sense. They go in to more detail than I used and I pretty much taught you the whole game.

Fun Factor

Weird Things Humans Search for - Big Potato Games - Review 2

This is a quick easy party game. You’re going to get your enjoyment from laughing at the answers as they are read out loud. This is meant to be fast and fun and pulls that off well. This is an easy game to play sitting around a campfire, living room, or bar booth. In fact some snacks and appropriate drinks could enhance the experience.

Age Range & Weight

The box says 14+ and that’s pretty accurate. The rules aren’t particularly difficult to understand but some of the content is a bit rough. There’s nothing outright offensive, but some of the answers can give parents a bad vibe.

As for weight, this is a very light game. I don’t think anyone spends a lot of time trying to figure out their answers. You slap the first couple of things you think of on a piece of paper and let them go. I’d wager it’s pretty impossible to guess some of these.


I had fun with this game but I think it comes with a couple of deep requirements. While every game is going to be effected by the people playing, it’s very noticeable here. If you grab people who aren’t familiar with autofill or the way these searches fill up, they’re not going to have a good time. While the Family Feud style of game play is an apt comparison it’s sort of incomplete. These aren’t answers to questions. These are things people actually looked for. In some ways having too much faith in humanity will cause you to not be able to figure out some of the answers.

You’re definitely want people who can play a party game without getting too competitive. I had someone who was very focused on winning in one game and they got increasingly frustrated with how the answers made no sense. Where I enjoy the answer unveiling, they just got upset.

I have a few nitpicks. They’re minor problems but nothing game breaking. I wish the cards had the question on one side and the answers on the other. It would remove the need for a judge and allow everyone to play. The scoring is unusual. It makes the game more about the reveal of the answers than the groups answering them. I’d prefer the players have more agency. We came up with our own rules and I’ve heard of others.

One final point, they only use autofill’s for two named people. I was expecting more celebrities, politicians, historical figures, and literary characters. They only use two, which made them stand out as a weird inclusion. I wonder why they didn’t use more or none at all.

That said, over all I recommend trying this game. My initial worry about not enjoying cards pulled at random was unnecessary. I can only think of one or two cards I passed over and those were due to an underage player and the content on the card. I’d say give it a try at your local bookstore or convention. It’s a good time with the right group.


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