What I think – Small World of Warcraft


What I think - Small World of Warcraft 1
Josh Hale
Josh Hale

Theme&What is it?


World of Warcraft has a huge following and it used to be even bigger. Think Fortnite, but less trigger finger. Now it has made the transition to a board game with the imaginings of Days of Wonder, think Ticket to Ride.
Small World was a game that has always had a solid following. They have used that engine to retheme the World of Warcraft on top of the Small World setting. There ain’t enough space in this small world for the both of us, Kra’ag.

Nostalgic Art

It is amazing how a certain art style makes us remember different things. Now it makes me wonder when Blizzard will do Universe of Starcraft. I really need this Blizzard, not because I will play it, but because I want to tell everyone I was right about this being your next Triple-A title. We can discuss using my title for your game (that has not been and may never been) later, with lawyers.
That may be a tangent, but this is what nostalgia does to me, makes me go off on a tangent. This game is no exception. Thank you for that Days of Wonder.



Small World was good the first time.

Some engines work as they were intended the first time. This is no exception. Small World needed very little tweaks to make this game playable and fun. If it ain’t broke, well you know the rest.

Earth and Water

When the Persian King’s envoy demanded during the 300 movie, it always makes me think of the basics of something. Here cardboard and art. That is what games NEED. The rest is ancillary. The insert on this is excellent and protects your game when stacked on a shelf.
This game is component-wise, exactly what it should be.



Nostalgia just keeps coming back, like Deja Vu.

The art here is excellent. It oozes World of Warcarft. This is a good thing. This respect towards the IP is what makes people buy the game again, as they feel they are playing a game they love in an all-new world.
The vision of this artistic duo makes this game something that will sit on my shelf a long time. I already liked the game, but the art gives me a reason to keep it above the original title.

Destroying 8 year olds delicate sensibilities one army at a time.

I played this with my 8 year old. I do not brag when I tell you I crushed her. All joking aside, I am saying this for ONE reason in particular. The measure of a game where you can get crushed, is when you want to play again. She did (get crushed) and does (want to play again).
Sorry kid. I also want to destroy your armies again. Just sayin’.




This is probably a fair estimation for skill required to regularly win. My daughter however, is 8, and enjoyed the experience immensely. It all depends on your players. Do they need to win to have fun?
I mean, I do, I crushed her.

At the end of the day.

The game makes players want to play again, regardless of scoring, if they are able to just enjoy the experience. My daughter and I generally are able to do that and this was no exception.
This game will make my permanent collection. It could easily makes yours, even by replacing the original game. This experience in WOW, is worth the price of admission.




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