Who Did It? by Blue Orange Games Review


Who Did It? by Blue Orange Games Review 1

Publisher: Blue Orange Games

Game Type: Party Card Game

Designer: Jonathan Favre-Godal

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artist: Steeve Augier

Theme and What is it?

On no! Someone has left a surprise on the living room floor. In a house full of pets how can you know who to blame? Fingers are starting to point and accusations are flying. It’s your job to prove that none of your pets caused this stinky situation. Stand up for your furry friends and use your skills to find out Who Did It!Who Did It? describes itself as the #1 game about #2. If the emoji poop is a go to emoji for any type of response than here is a game that was made for you.
Who Did It? by Blue Orange Games Review 2

Gameplay Mechanics

Who Did It? is a deduction and dexterity style card game. Players start with all the same animals and a starting player places the blame on a certain animal. The other players rush to grab that animal from their hand and be the first to lay it down. By placing their animal the player proves their pet was not the culprit. That player then places the blame on another animal and players again race to be the first to prove their pets innocence. The round continues until a player calls out a pet and no other players race to place their pet down. Which makes their pet is the party pooper, the blame falls to the last critter and the owner of that little guy feels the full shame for the dirty deed. That player also receives the less than coveted poop token, to remind them of their embarrassment. Get three of the little stinkers and you are out of the game.
Who Did It? by Blue Orange Games Review 3

Initial Impressions

When I first saw Who Did It? I figured it would be a great game for younger players This humor seems right up their alley. The kids loved it. Every time one of them played an animal card and blamed a new pet they would make a new poop joke. It was funny for about four jokes. This really slowed the game down and I can only pretend laugh at so many horrible poop jokes. After that I couldn’t wait for the game to be done.I decided to give it another try and play with adults. There were still horrendous jokes but they were made on the fly and the tempo of the game was fast paced and competitive. Would I be able to play the game again with kids? I don’t think so. Is it a fun party game? It think so, with the right group of adults.
Who Did It? by Blue Orange Games Review 4

Game Build Quality

The cards are made from a thin card stock. After just a few games some of the cards started to get bent. Everyone is trying to slam their pet down at the same time it was very easy to slam your hand or arm into another players card. I wish the cards were thicker. The poop tokens are a normal token quality. They just sit in front of players reminding them of their pet’s shame of pooping in the wrong locale. The carrying case was the crowning component of the set. It is a fun, stuffed, plush emoji poop bag and zips up to hold everything in.

Who Did It? by Blue Orange Games Review 5

Artistic Direction

I am not really into poop…at all. Could this game have used a different theme and still been entertaining? Probably not. Blaming cute little critters for having an accident worked and so did the art direction. The animals all look miserable that they are being blamed for this malodorous happenstance. They are so pathetic looking that you really want to prove that it wasn’t them. The little poop tokens look like…poop tokens. The emoji poop is everywhere and this games makes use of this instantly recognizable turd.

Fun Factor

Like I said before, I had way more fun playing this with adults. But you may be different and can put up with tons of little kid poop jokes. Maybe you even really enjoy kid poop jokes. Who am I to judge? Back to the point. Who Did It? has all the ingredients of a fantastic party game: humor, all players active, fast paced and easy to teach. All but the most stuffy of gaming groups should enjoy Who Did It?

Age Range & Weight

Who Did It? is for 6+. I feel this is a good age assessment. We had one six year old in the kid group and they really struggled to locate the animal and get the card out fast enough. The older kids were usually faster and the only time the six year old played cards was when everyone one else had played that animal. If it was a whole group of 6 and 7 year olds then it would be a more fair game for everyone involved. I would have to leave the house for that game!

Who Did It? by Blue Orange Games Review 6


Party games are a dime a dozen. So how do you make yours stand out? Make it about poop, of course. Who Did It? would be a great addition to any party game arsenal. Why not start the night by exploding some kittens and then finishing up with exploring who made the poopy on the floor. It just works like that. Party games are to make people laugh because that brings us together. In a world were we are constantly reminded of our own mortality, its great to know that we can enjoy a good game about poop before our little microsecond of existence is snuffed from the massive and every expanding universe.


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