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Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 1

The only attorney I know with a green mohawk.

Here’s the thing. I went to law school. I did the do. I represented clients in some huge cases. You might even still be able to Google my law career to this day. So, people have asked, why board games?

First, you need to know a little bit about me. I have a daughter. She is 7, nearly 8. I am a single dad. It is her and I versus the world, and both of us want the green meeple. I want green because I like it; She wants green to make sure daddy does not have it.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 2

See, she can chew gum and smile at the same time.

I realized at some point in my legal career, that being a single father was not always conducive to a full time every day old-timey practice of law. I needed to do something different. For her I wanted that different to be unique.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 3

All of her bags are packed, and she is ready to go…

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 4

First time in the Dominican Republic

My practice of law was 9 layers deep. During law school, I took part in Moot Court, and was invited to DC to argue points that only law students care about. But, I also made some great friends, and some great contacts that would build much of my legal career. These folks remembered my goofy smile and brought me along for a ride that has been unforgettable.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 5

The Neon Lawyer

I have helped people stay out of jail, spoken about law and rule of law in China, Cuba, Kazakstan and other really cool places, helped people who have been hurt in scuba diving accidents all over the world, been invited to a birthday party of a head of state, and went dancing with judges of Supreme Courts of their respective countries. Needless to say, my career has been very interesting, and very rewarding in so many ways.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 6

Empire Strikes Back

I figured out, however, that I could not be the father I wanted to be. To do that, I would need to do something different. Imagine going home to your child after spending the day discussing the legal rights of someone who is no longer on this green Earth… It was depressing to say the least. So, when I went through my divorce, I decided to make a change.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 7

Dead Presidents

The change was simple enough; I would transition to the board game hobby. I spent two years attempting to market to board game companies, my legal expertise. I still feel, honestly, there is no one in the industry with as much subject expertise as me. But, the companies did not know me, or my background in intellectual property. I was just an unknown. This was a problem.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 8

The fashion guru

I knew that in order to get attention I had to draw it to myself. I started MeepleGamers to get to know people in the hobby. What I did not expect was that MeepleGamers in and of itself would become what it has become.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 9

My baby

MeepleGamers started as my baby, and much like a baby had no support, could not even hold up its own neck. It has grown and is something I am proud of and proud to be part of. Like a child, it has grown beyond me as a person and has become its own person.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 10

Blue Onesies

There are now nearly two dozen people involved with MeepleGamers. This includes 500+ pieces of unique content annually on the website alone. If you count the social networks, it is well over 2000+. This includes well over 1 million views annually. MeepleGamers is a thing.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 11

Cub Scouts

So, all that said to get back to the original topic. Why board games? Simply put, board games bring us back to the feeling we get while watching a fire. It is a tactile feeling, of belonging. I wanted my daughter to experience that, and learn strategy, and have fun doing it. All in all, I wanted her life to be one of wonder and disbelief.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 12

Tell me what you really feel.

I still practice law, and that has been going swimmingly. Many of you know I am the attorney for several gaming companies now, and that I also work abroad fairly often. But, now, my focus has become more intellectual property, and less the other things that are hard to bring home. I mean, we all do it, bring home work. Even if we don’t bring home documents and computers, we bring it home. Our family and loved ones can see it in our demeanor.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 13

I will probably never be rich in board games. But, that is not really the goal. The goal here is to make a better life for me and my daughter. I think I do that. She has traveled to other countries, driven Route 66 pulling a teardrop camper, learned about diversity by seeing it in action, helped approach problems from a point of view of love rather than disdain, and has had a pretty incredible life for a 7-year-old.

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Standing on a corner.

It could be that tomorrow, I have to go back to full time, 100% practice of law. That could be a thing. It isn’t today.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 15

Mohawks run in the family

Today, my daughter thinks she has the coolest dad ever. Today, she feels lucky. I know the teenage years are right around the corner. That will be a thing. It isn’t today.

Why Board Games? - Attorney Josh Hale 16

Cake Face, like two face, but sweeter.

So, now you know the why. Why the why? The question is for you, Why Board Games? Answer below. Let me know why board games are for you and your family. I truly want to hear all of your stories. If we get a few good responses, with your permission, and help, we will publish full stories, as to Why Board Games?

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