Witless Wizards – Drawlab Entertainment – Review


“Can the senile wizards remember their spells to defeat all the others in this crazy duel? Let the battle of the Witless Wizards commence!”

Publisher: Drawlab Entertainment

Designer: Chris Marling

Artist: Asterman Studio

Game Type: Card Game, Fantasy, Press Your Luck

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Age Range: 10+

Expected Playtime: 15-25 minutes

Number of Players: 2-4

Witless Wizards - Drawlab Entertainment - Review 1

Theme and What is it?

For as long as we can remember, wizards have long studied all the mysteries of magic to become the most powerful of all. And now, they must all combat to show who the most powerful is. But as time gets to all of us, can the senile wizards remember their spells to defeat all the others in this crazy duel? Let the battle of the Witless Wizards commence!

Gameplay Mechanics


Every player chooses a character board and places a stamina marker on the 20 space.

The starting player is whoever looks most like a wizard and takes a “Magical Crook of Standing” card. The second player takes a “Magical Armor of Resting” card. If playing with three and four players, then they each receive both cards. The third player receives one concentration cube and the fourth player receives two cubes.

Then, choose or select randomly three equipment decks and shuffle together. This becomes the common equipment deck. There are five different equipment decks in the retail version of the game: Samurai, Wizard, Sci-Fi, Medieval and Pirate. The Kickstarter campaign added the Druid and Viking decks.

Witless Wizards - Drawlab Entertainment - Review 2


The object is simple. Defeat all other opponents. But of course there are rules on how to do so.

First players go through their Draft Phase. Draw the top card of the common equipment deck. Give this card to an opponent or keep the card for yourself. You can spend a concentration cube to draw an extra card and then discard one. This can only be done once.

Players place these cards on the designated (offensive, defensive, etc.) slot on their character card. If that type of equipment is already there, they must replace it. Then, the current player repeats these steps, and either keeps the card or gives it to an opponent depending on what they did previously with the first card.

Witless Wizards - Drawlab Entertainment - Review 3

After the Draft Phase, the player must battle another player. Choose an opponent to the left or right of you and attack. Roll the battle die and add the result to the attack value of your offensive equipment. The player then subtracts the defensive value of their defense of equipment and takes that amount of damage. If their stamina reaches 0 or less, they are out of the game. Then, if your stamina is 5 or less, you may spend any number of concentration cubes to heal. Then, you receive the number of concentration cubes shown on your equipment cards.

The game ends when only one player is left in the game and they are the most powerful wizard!

Initial Impressions

The box art is amazing and immediately catches the eye. After opening and sorting through components, the game looked similar to a game called, Red Dragon Inn. I was eager to try it. I also have the promo decks which will diversify the game a lot. I can see where more decks will expand this game and give it more replayability.

Witless Wizards - Drawlab Entertainment - Review 4

Game Build Quality

The game doesn’t have a lot of components but the ones it has are not lacking. During the game, you will mostly use the cards, but there are red, plastic Stamina markers and Concentration tokens which look like little green gems. The box of the game is not oversized which means it is portable for travel. There is plenty of room to hold more decks in the future.

Artistic Direction

I absolutely love the artwork all the way down to the flavor text. The artistic direction is comedic and light-hearted. Its colorful nature is eye pleasing. The artwork supports the light and fun theme.

Witless Wizards - Drawlab Entertainment - Review 5

Fun Factor

If you enjoy light press your luck, take that games, you will enjoy this one. I would classify this game as filler, but I could easily play Witless Wizards repeatedly in a tournament type setting. The game is a mixture of a few games that are popular in the gaming world. The drafting mechanic used at the start of a player’s turn makes this game unique and stand apart from those more popular games.

Age Range & Weight

They suggest it for Wizards ages 10 and up! I agree with this. The game rules are easy to absorb and the strategy is easy to grasp. Some children under the age of 10 could learn it depending on their maturity level. As far as the content, it is safe for most ages.

Witless Wizards - Drawlab Entertainment - Review 6


My group and I had a lot of fun with this one. It only took us about 20 minutes to play. We played with the Medieval and Wizard decks and I added the promo Viking deck. I also added the Trekker promo set which adds three cards. At first, one of my players did not like the drafting mechanic at the beginning because it always helped other players and messed his game up but once he got the hang of it, he bounced back and he almost won.

The game is mostly luck. It is not my favorite mechanic but I enjoy it when we need a break from heavier games. I love Red Dragon Inn and this gave me that feel even though it is very different. It is all about being the last player at the table and using cards with the take that mechanic. The main differences is players are sharing one deck and do not have a specific deck.

I cannot wait to try out some other decks. Each brings their own flavor to the game, and it is good for replayability.


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