Zombie Terror by Galakta Review


Publisher: Galakta

Game Type: Modular Board, Zombies, Action Point Allowance System, Hand Management

Designers: Jan Jewuła and Łukasz Zębik

Initial Year of Release: 2018

Artists: Mariusz Gandzel, Piotr Rossa and Michał Teliga

Theme and What is it?

More Zombies!

The Zombie Apocalypse has hit the world and a small amount have survived inside a shopping mall. The only way to escape is through the parking lot which is overrun with zombies. Zombie Terror is an asymmetrical game for two players in which one player controls the zombies and the other is leading the humans. Who can outsmart who?

Zombie Terror by Galakta Review 1

Gameplay Mechanics

Obviously each player has separate objectives to win the game.

The human player is controlling six human markers. Each marker varies in victory points. There are two of each worth 3 points, 2 points and 1 point to start out. If they have taken a hit point, it lowers their value. The human player’s objective is to have 5 victory points worth of humans escape.

Zombie Terror by Galakta Review 2

The zombie player starts the game with ten zombie markers on the board and spawns more each round based on where the humans are located and if they shot any zombies. Unlike the human player, the zombie player can win three different ways: If the human player has less than 5 victory points and the rest of the humans have turned into zombies, if the human player has no way to gain 5 victory points anymore, and if at the beginning of the zombie player’s turn, the error marker moves off the terror track (the terror marker comes out when the zombie player does not have any more zombies markers in the pool).

Zombie Terror by Galakta Review 3

I will not go into excessive detail on mechanics but each player’s turn is based on action points. The human player can activate as many human markers they wish on their turn for two action points each. This can include moving, pushing a zombie or activating an ability. When the human player is finished with their turn, the zombie player now can activate as many zombie markers equal to the number of human markers that activated that turn plus one. Each zombie gets two action points as well. The zombie actions are slightly different in that they have to move toward a human if they are in line of site and they have to bite if they can. These are forced movements. After the force movements, if more zombies still need to activate, the zombie player chooses their actions.

Players continue in this way until one of the win conditions is met. Each player has cards that can assist but they are one time use and they do not keep gaining cards.

Zombie Terror by Galakta Review 4

Initial Impressions

When I acquired this game for review, I thought to myself, “Wow, another zombie game.” Because let’s face it, there are many out there in the gaming market. However, when I realized this one was for only two players, it made me a little curious in how different it could be.

Zombie Terror by Galakta Review 5

Game Build Quality

The components consist of a game board, many different tokens and a few cards. All of these components are well made. The game board is double sided for replayability. The tokens are sturdy cardboard and the cards are high quality. The rulebook was very easy to follow and made for quick setup.

Zombie Terror by Galakta Review 6

Artistic Direction

The artwork has the “zombie horror” feel that you would expect. The artwork on the board was unique. Every place on the board that a zombie would spawn usually had a picture of a zombie near it. For example, the bus had a zombie crawling out of a window and in front was a red space indicating a spawn point. We enjoy this level of detail with artwork.

Zombie Terror by Galakta Review 7

Fun Factor

We enjoyed this one. My friend played the zombies and I played as the humans. The game seems unbalanced at first because the Zombie player gets to start with a lot of Zombies and chooses where they are placed. However, I was able to avoid some of his first traps. I made one very crucial mistake toward the end that cost me the game but I still had 3 points in humans that escaped so I feel it was balanced.

Zombie Terror by Galakta Review 8

Age Range & Weight

The box advises ages fourteen and up. This could be slightly high but I ultimately agree this is a safe average age to suggest. There are a lot of strategic decisions to make even though it is an easy game to grasp.

Zombie Terror by Galakta Review 9


I will admit that I was skeptical at first because it was another zombie game but the mechanics made this one very different and unique. I liked it because it was not overly complicated. It was very simplified but that is not to take away from its depth. It is a great choice when needing a game for only two players that does not take an extremely lengthy amount of time. Lately, our Wednesday game nights have only consisted of two of us so this one will get a lot of replay.


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